A proposal + locked in a room + puffy lips

This. weekend. was. good. 

Friday was a busy one. I spent the day prepping for our first Summer Social of the season. Summer Socials are the concerts that I produce at West Shore Park in Baltimore. The event consists of a band playing, a bar, food trucks, lawn games, and play equipment for the little ones. It’s one of my favorite event series to produce because there’s no better way to celebrate a warm Friday night in the summertime than listening to live music in the park. 



This one was especially exciting because MY FRIENDS CAME! I produced two of these last summer and Byrd was the only friend to come out! Chris, Katie, Jay, Alyssa, Cody, Julie, Nick, Andy, Nate and one of my Instagram friends who is now a friend IRL all came out to the event!! I seriously can’t explain how happy I was to see so many familiar faces. 

The event was a huge success and I had no complaints until my lips started to swell again. That’s right, allergic reaction number two. At least I am starting to narrow down possible causes. No definite cause yet though. 

Saturday morning I woke up late after a Benadryl induced sleep and quickly got ready because my parents weren’t too far away from the city. They arrived with my favorite little ball of fur and we quickly jumped back in the car and were off to Iron Rooster

IMG_0757 IMG_0737

Why were we rushing off to brunch? Because my parents were going to meet Chris’ parents! It was the first time the two sets of AWESOME people met and we spent over an hour chatting about travel, history and all the things they have in common. Chris and I didn’t really say much, we let them chat the whole time. It was such a great meal and I am so happy that they hit it off!

After brunch we rested for a little bit and then got ready to head out again. This time we were going to a surprise engagement party for my cousin and his new fiance! 


Michael is like a brother to me so I was super excited when he asked me to be a part of the engagement planning process! He wanted to gather our family and their closest friends for a party after the actual proposal but wanted it to be a surprise for Rachel. We rented a room at Portside in Canton and enjoyed good food and drinks and celebrated the newly engaged couple! Michael and Rachel have been dating for years and she’s always felt like a member of the family so they’re just making it official! 

Sunday morning was spent sleeping in and snuggling because Chris is spending the week in DC for work which means four days of no snuggles from my PIC. Insert sad face. 


We met up with the Blogger Babes and their Boys for brunch at Wayward which we scarfed down in a record time of 5 minutes before racing off to our reservation at Charm City Clue Room. 


Macy is posting about it later this week which I’ll link back to but it was a great day spent with seven of my favorite people. 

The weekend was so busy but so good. I’m looking forward to Memorial Day weekend and having four days to relax and enjoy the (hopefully) great weather! Happy Monday!


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  • http://totravelandbeyond.com/ Macy Volpe

    Such a great weekend (minus the puffy lips!). I am so glad you were able to have a great first Summer Social, I can’t wait to make it to one! It was great finally seeing everyone again and having such a fun time yesterday, I missed you! Now to get an O’s game on the books 😉

    • Megan

      June or July blate at Summer Social? Yes please! Let’s do the O’s game too! So many fun things happening this summmmmerrrr!

  • http://www.thefreeandwildblog.com Annie

    Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! You’ll definitely have to let me know more details about Summer Social. I would love to come out and support you/enjoy your awesome event! We are always looking for somewhere new to try for Date Night on Friday’s so that could be seriously awesome! Also, the parent picture…. I CANNOT.

    • Megan

      Texting you right now with the dates of the rest of them! Maybe our June or July blate could be at the Summer Social? I knew you’d say something about the parent pic!

  • Katie Hutchinson

    Aw yay! I love that group picture of us! We had such a great time at your event. Can’t wait for Sunday and Brew at the Zoo!!! :) xox

    • Megan

      YAY! I love when we do multiple weekends in a row together. Thank you for coming! I’m so sad that I had to miss out on the rest of the night but I’m hoping to make up for it this weekend! xo

  • http://www.christineeveryday.com Christine Everyday

    Wow, what an awesome weekend! I can’t wait to hear about the Clue Room

  • http://ohhey-ilikethat.com Lauren

    I’m so glad you had fun at the Clue Room! Macy said it was a blast!