Better Me

My eyes flew open in alarm as I scanned the room looking for the clock.  


My alarm never went off.  

I frantically kicked off the blanket as I scrambled across the room gathering my things and throwing them in a bag.  

“Babe, stop”. A sleepy voice emerged from under the blanket.  

“I can’t, my alarm didn’t go off, I have to get going for work.” The words came out of my mouth before I had a chance to think. The tone in my voice was a little too sharp with annoyance and anxiety.  

“No. You can’t start the day like this. Come back here. Snug for a little bit longer” 

The old me would have said no.  The old me would have let the stress and anxiety win and shrug off the offer.  The old me would have regretted later that I wasn’t softer and nicer and more loving.  

But this boy has made me better. He has made me realize that extra time together should never be dismissed no matter how small the amount is.  

Five minutes won’t make a difference in whether I’m late for work or not. But five minutes will make a difference in how I start the day. If you ask me, any day that starts with nose kisses and quiet snuggles is the best kind of day.  

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  • Annie

    UGH. Love this. How true though! I have to admit that lately, I have just been terrible with my tone and snappiness to Brandon and he is just so gentle with like “Is that how we want to say goodbye this morning?” and just like a dog with a tail between its legs, I swallow my annoyance and let myself be wrapped in a hug. I love hearing your appreciating for Chris, it truly makes me want to appreciate Brandon in my own relationship. Isn’t it funny how it’s contagious!?! UGH. Love you, love him, love the two of you together!

  • Katie Hutchinson

    Ya gotta love LOVE. <3 I love that you love him the way you do, and that you make each other better. xox <3

  • Lauren

    I love everrrrryyyyyyything about this! I feel like Colin has done the same for me <3 That's when you know you've got the right one.

  • Emelia @ Dream Big & Buy the S

    This is amazing. I love how a partner can balance us out and remind us of what we really need :)

  • Macy Volpe

    This is so sweet! It really takes effort to be able to listen to your partner, and you two seem to communicate so well. It takes the perfect balance. As stress in other aspects of life seem to topple over, my attitude with Dave is what gets the beating first. Sometimes all we need is for someone to tell us to stop, take a deep breath and live in THIS moment, not the one that is an hour from now. You and Chris are just perfect for each other. xoxo

  • Jenn