Pub Dog Brewery Tour


Over the weekend Chris and I spent a few hours supporting a local Baltimore company and drinking beer- our idea of a good afternoon!

I saw online that Pub Dog offered brewery tours and since we didn’t have plans on Saturday I figured it would be something fun to do! Pub Dog is hands down one of my favorite pizza spots in the city. When I lived in Federal Hill I went all the time and always got a personal pizza and beer. Pub Dog is known for their 2 for 1 deal. You can’t order just 1 beer, you always get 2 and no one is complaining!


After raving about the restaurant to my Mom for many years, she finally got to try it for herself last year during a visit! She was one happy lady with a couple beers and pizza. I will never forget how excited she was to try a place I love.


Fast forward a few months and I introduced Chris to the magic of Pub Dog after only dating for a few weeks. It didn’t take long to convince him that it’s good stuff.

We left the city and drove about 45 minutes to Westminster Maryland for the tour. The drive was a little longer than I expected but the rolling hills and fields made me feel like I was back at home!

We arrived, parked, and walked into the brewery. Immediately I felt like I was back in the pub in Federal Hill. The bar counter was the same dark glossy wood with metallic gold paw prints. The old fashioned signs on the walls were the same and the Pub Dog logo was everywhere.


We were greeted and handed a beer along with a bottle opener keychain. We were told that it was the first tour. Chris’ response was, first tour of the day? Nope! We were about to go on their first EVER tour! I had no idea when I booked it that we were going to be the first 20 folks to see where the Pub Dog beer is brewed.

The tour was about 20 minutes and was great! We learned how their beer is made from start to finish and even tasted beer that was in the brewing process. It’s amazing that it takes about 4 weeks to make the beer we love to sip.


After the tour we grabbed another beer and a growler and hung out in their bar area for a little bit. They have darts and shuffle board to play while hanging out waiting for the next tour to begin.


I recommend visiting Pub Dog and taking one of their tours! They are free and come with 2 complimentary beverages! Sign up HERE.

Pub Dog’s Brewery is located at:
1203 New Windsor Road
Westminster MD



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  • Annie

    How awesome! I know Brandon would love this place! I can’t believe you got to go on the first tour EVER!

    • Megan

      YAY- take Brandon for sure! Such a fun afternoon date idea!

  • Christine Everyday

    So cool that you got to go on the first tour!!

    • Megan

      RIGHT? We had no idea and then found out when we showed up!

  • Macy Volpe

    We are planning a trip here right away! We love pub dog so much and we used to go constantly when we started dating. How awesome that you were the first tour ever, what a cool experience!

    • Megan

      YAY! Let me know what you think. It’s definitely small but if you like the beer you’ll be fine :)