Papa Soup’s Life Lessons

In honor of Fathers Day and my Dad’s birthday at the end of the month I thought it was about time to give him a major shoutout on Soup of the Day.  That man doesn’t get nearly as much credit as he deserves. He has been my teacher, nurse, adventure buddy, personal encyclopedia and number one guy for twenty-six years.  

He’s taught me MANY life lessons along the way, but a few have stuck out more than others. 

Always say yes to ice cream 
There is no one on this planet who loves ice cream more than Bill Campbell. A bowl a day keeps….you happy? He doesn’t eat ice cream everyday but I’m sure he wishes he could. Soft serve vanilla on a cone or homemade banana ice cream are his favorites.  


Slow down and appreciate everything around you 
When I think of my Dad I think of him sitting in our back yard just enjoying the moment. There’s no ipad in his hand or cell phone up to his ear, he’s just enjoying the breeze and the evening in front of him.  


Key Lime juice isn’t green 
That $9 bottle of green juice marked “Key Lim Juice”, yeah it’s a scam. Don’t believe them. 


Just because there is a shortcut doesn’t mean you should take it 
My Dad has taught me that the quickest way to accomplish something is not always the best or the right way to do it. Example 1- picking up tiny sticks in our yard and throwing them back into the woods so when he went to mow the grass, the blades weren’t ruined. I was a bratty ten year old and thought I could just throw them along the edge of the woods and the yard instead of properly putting them back  into the woods. The next day, all the sticks were back, and I had to do it again. He was also and is still a great photographer. His part-time photography business was incredibly profitable and successful. When the digital era happened he didn’t want to be a part of it. This is the man who would capture stunning images on film and develop them in black and white and HAND COLOR parts of the photo. Yeah, he wasn’t about to sit at a computer and fiddle with the colors.  


Battlefields can be fun! So can any trip that involves historical information 
Since my Dad is a professor he had his summers off and would plan a bunch of day and weekend trips for my brother and I. I have fond memories of visiting battlefields and historical sites as a kid. I didn’t always love them when they were happening, but I’m so thankful today that he found importance in those trips and wanted us to see each location.


The main ingredient to any recipe is love 
I love spending time with my Dad in the kitchen. Growing up I was very active in 4-H and entered in many foods contests as well as cooked and baked to submit at the Delaware State Fair. We always set aside a day to do the cooking/baking and nine times out of ten I was trying to rush through it to move on to something else. He always slowed me down and made each dish into a lesson. I remember making chocolate covered cherries (a very long process), but he recounted stories of baking with his Mom growing up. Stories I would never know had we not taken the time to connect.  


Bows and arrows aren’t just for Katniss Everdeen 
When I tell people that archery is his thing, they are impressed! After years of using a bow and arrow as a kid he became the archery instructor for Sussex County 4-H and looks absolutely adorable in his backwards cap. The kids in 4-H look up to him and think he is the coolest for being able to hit a bullseye with a simple bow and arrow. I think he’s pretty cool for being able to do that too. 


Tell the joke- no matter how corny it may be 
Most people don’t know how funny my Dad is. My favorite moments are when he has something to say but isn’t sure when/where to fit it into the conversation. The corners of his mouth slowly turn up, he looks around the faces in the discussion and then lets the joke go. You can see he’s happy with himself and waits for the few second delay before the room erupts into laughter. Those moments are the best moments.  


James Bond marathons are always a good idea 
It doesn’t matter if you have to be up for work at 5am the next morning. You should always stay up late for the James Bond marathons no matter how many times you’ve seen them.  


The best things in life are the simple things 
My Dad is a simple man. He just needs a beautiful yard, a cool breeze, and his family for life to be complete. He doesn’t need the newest iPhone (we just convinced him to get his FIRST iPhone), he doesn’t need a calendar filled with social events, or all the money in the world (although it’d be nice). He is content to spend quality time with the people he loves and for that I love him.  


There’s not enough time in a day to explain all the things I love about him or the memories that I hold near and dear to my heart. If you know Papa Soup, you love him and appreciate his quiet strength. He’s a good one. Happy Fathers Day and Early Birthday Daddy! 





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  • Annie

    UGH. SO ADORABLE. This is seriously so sweet. I feel like our dads would get a long so well as I found my head nodding in agreement this entire time. My dad loves James Bond marathons and I’ve definitely had the “Go back and do it again” moment in my childhood. He’s also a total history buff and totally has rejected technology as he often lays out in the hammock with nothing in his hands, just listening to nature. I love it! Happy Father’s Day, Papa Soup!

  • Emelia @ Dream Big & Buy the S

    This is so sweet, I love his advice! What a nice post…hope he enjoys his Father’s Day!

  • Macy Volpe

    OMG. Seriously my heart hurts after this post and these photos. The one of you two on the beach and the other of you two dancing, SO adorable. You have such a great relationship with your parents and that is incredible. There is nothing like the special bond that you and your dad have.

  • Lauren

    Awww that’s so sweet! And yes, you ALWAYS say yes to ice cream!