Rocksbox: Kendra Scott Tassel Necklace


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Kendra Scott
Rayne Necklace in Amazonite

When I opened the box and saw the GORGEOUS Kendra Scott necklace waiting for me I was so excited but also a little apprehensive. I love most of Kendra’s necklaces especially THIS one, and I’ve seen her long gem necklaces on almost every blogger I follow but tassels? No thanks. It’s just not my thing. In an effort to step out of my comfort zone I wore the necklace to work and received so many compliments! After wearing the necklace a few times over two weeks I grew to not mind the tassel on the necklace and started to love the statement piece.  





I really liked the blue/green stone and wore the necklace with two different dresses and even a pants and structured top combo. The photos above show the two dresses that I paired the necklace with and I loved both of them.  

I wear a lot of black so the necklace definitely gave me a pop of color when I wore the lace dress from Target. Pairing the necklace with black was an easy decision but pairing it with a navy dress was out of my normal style choices. I also wore the necklace with a bright coral dress and thought the blue/green stone worked well and complimented the pink dress.  

Did I buy the necklace? No. Would I go out of my way to purchase a tassel necklace? No. But did I think it worked well with my current wardrobe for a few weeks? Yes. I’m learning to branch out and try new things through Rocksbox and I’m thankful for that! 

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  • Annie

    Very cute! I actually ADORE tassels and that mint green color…and it looked so FAB on you, girl!

  • Christine Everyday

    Love the combo of that dress with this necklace!

  • Lauren

    I just used your code and signed up yesterday! I’m so excited!!!!

  • Emelia @ Dream Big & Buy the S

    I love the color you got!