Stepping into Summer Link-Up

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Happy Tuesday everyone! 

My week is jam packed (what else is new?) so a traditional blog post wasn’t in the cards for today. I’m working really hard at recognizing when I just don’t have the time instead of saying yes to everything. It’s hard. Really hard.  

But I wanted to stop by today for the Stepping into Summer Swap Link-Up with Macy and Meg! These two ladies organized one of the most fun swaps I’ve ever done. If you don’t know, a swap is like having an adult pen-pal but what you send to them is decided with the entire group of ladies participating.  

This swap was centered around a cute pair of sandals and a fun bottle of nail polish. I was paired with Leah from Texas! Leah and her daughter picked out the most adorable pair of sandals and nail polish for me.  

 photo 4A7CBFFA-FC6F-48C0-8088-CEC2BE6A7042_zpssou198or.jpg

Can we talk about those sandals? They are my two favorite colors to wear and I love how comfortable they are. The strap is super stretchy and the sole of the sandal has some padding in it allowing me to wear the sandals for hours without feeling discomfort!  

I’m also in love with the Essie nail polish color that they chose for me- Lounge Lover. I love pinks in the summer and somehow didn’t have any polishes close to this shade.  

Thanks Leah for the great summer goodies and thank you to Meg and Macy for coordinating everything! 


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  • Ashley @ Wandering Weekenders

    Those sandals are so cute, and I love the pattern on them! It’s amazing how many different shades of nail polish there are out there, and the one that Leah got you is so pretty!

  • Macy Volpe

    Those sandals are so cute!! I’m so happy you participated in this swap and love what you got. Leah really nailed it with your shoes and the nail polish!

  • Lauren

    I love the sandals, and I got pink Essie nail polish, too! What a great swap!

  • Leah McPherson

    I’m so glad you like the sandals and polish! This was such a fun swap! :)

  • Ashley Angle

    Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • Jen

    Super cute! I am a sucker for a pink nail polish and I love the one you got. :)

  • Christine Everyday

    Those sandals are adorbs!!

  • Meg Taylor

    I absolutely love the pattern on those sandals! How cute is the card, too?? Thanks so much for participating!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  • Missy Quigley

    Aw she really got you some cute stuff! Glad you enjoyed the swap like I did!

  • Annie

    Those shoes are so dang cute!