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Rocksbox: House of Harlow Obsession

It’s time for another Rocksbox unveiling! I received my third box last week and I’m absolutely in love with everything in it!  Kendra Scott Austin Stud Set in Silver My last box was disappointing- which is why I didn’t feature it here. However, I was able to give feedback to my online stylist and she […]

The Best Birthday Party + Video

On Saturday 25 members of our family and friends gathered at my parents house in Delaware to celebrate a very special man. That man is my Daddy who turned 60 this past June. My Mama and I decided to throw him a birthday party and opted for July so we could fit in a trip […]

SOTD Eats: Black Forest Pudding Cups

Over the weekend we celebrated my Dad’s 60th birthday with a backyard full of family and friends. I have a recap and video that will go live this week but until then I wanted to share an easy dessert that we made for the party! With about 25 guests, temperatures close to 100 degrees and […]

Did you know…

   During the 1800s, Baltimore served as the second greatest port of entry for United States immigrants. Fells Point was second to Ellis Island    Source  The first black-owned shipyard in the United States is now an African American heritage site, the Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park Museum.    Source  Baltimore was the first United […]

Dairy Free Ice Cream Sammies

We are in the heat of summer and all I can think about on the hot days is a waffle cone with delicious cold ice cream dripping down the sides.  This is a slight problem because I’m lactose intolerant, but just because my body can’t digest dairy doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to enjoy […]

What’s in my beach bag?

Summer is officially here and that means beach time/pool time/river time, you name the body of water and I’m in it!  In the last three weeks alone I’ve been to my parents pool, floated in a tube at GunpowderFalls State Park, and visited the Eastern Shore beaches. The only not so fun park of my […]

Life Lately V6

To say I’ve been busy would be an understatement. I didn’t blog for the past three days which hasn’t happened in a while. Sorry for the radio silence but sometimes life gets in the way.   Life lately has been… filled with binge-watching Orange is the New Black   I read the book and wasn’t really […]

One Year at WPB

Today is my one year anniversary at Waterfront Partnership. It feels like just yesterday that I got the call from Sarah (my boss) offering me the position after two months of interviewing. I was ECSTATIC!   I remember sitting in my car on my first day before walking through the doors to meet my new co-workers. […]

The Perfect Weekend

If I had to dream up a perfect weekend it would involve family, friends, my favorite guy and lots of time outdoors, relaxing and trying something new. This weekend was close to a perfect weekend.   I took Friday off from work and drove to Berlin to spend the night with Chels and her fiancé. I’ve […]

Why Blogger Babes Are The Best Friends Ever

In mid-September last year I took a chance and agreed to meet up with three fellow Baltimore bloggers. Laura and I had been talking online for months, Macy and I had just recently met and Annie and I were brand new friends.    What if we didn’t like each other in real life? What if we […]