A drunk girl and a naked girl… NYC Recap


Last weekend Chris and I went to New York City to visit with friends and spend the day in one of our favorite places.  

New York City has always held a special place in my heart especially when it involves my Mom. But this year I’ve gone twice- once with the Baltimore Blogger Babes and this trip with Chris. We are hoping to fit one more trip in this year sometime in November right before the holiday season starts but after my crazy month of October has passed! 

Our visit this past weekend was memorable for MANY reasons. The main one being the heat. The temperatures were well into the 100’s but with the heat index it felt like we were walking around the city in 120 degree weather. It didn’t help that the tall buildings were blocking the breeze, but we made the most out of it!  

We met up with three of Chris’ friends from college who I met on our trip to Atlanta in April. Jen was our tour guide/trip planner for the day and I so greatly appreciate her willingness to take all of the planning on 100%. I have planned almost every trip to the city and it was nice to have a local show us something different. It was also nice to not the be the person navigating through the city but just tagging along for the ride. Thank you Jen for taking such good care of us! Also, I need to mention that she is pregnant and still walked the city with us for five hours! I was impressed.  

We left Baltimore around 8am and drove to Chris’ high school friends place (so many friends in NYC, he is a lucky boy!). They have a two bedroom (STUNNING) apartment in Inwood which is upper Manhattan so we were able to drive there, park and head downtown to meet up with the SCAD folks.  


There was a street fair happening in their neighborhood which was so neat to see as we went off in search of the subway entrance. 150 streets later I had endured my first subway ride and although I white knuckled some of it- it really wasn’t bad! We met up with Jen and Justin at their apartment and then took an Uber to the Meatpacking District.  

Our first stop was Brass Monkey for quick snacks before heading into the museum. A drunk girl puked right next to our table and I was done with that portion of the trip immediately. Yikes.  

We spent the next two hours touring the Whitney Museum of American Art and although I’m planning on doing a full recap next week I have to tell a little story. The great thing about their new location is that each floor has an outside deck area to take in the views of the city. The hotel across the street from The Whitney is known for their floor to ceiling large windows in each room and… well… not many guests shut them when they should. Right as we were listening to this fun fact we looked up and realized there was a naked woman standing in front of the window! It took her about five minutes of getting dressed to realize that everyone on the deck of the museum had noticed her and she quickly darted to the other side of the room. We all laughed and added that to the list of crazy things we saw in New York.  


After the museum we hopped in another Uber (it was too hot to walk everywhere!) and went to McSorley’s which is the oldest bar in New York! The sawdust on the ground, memorabilia covered walls and option of just light or dark beer made that evident! It was so cool to sit in the same bar that Abraham Lincoln frequented and to look at the cover of an old issue of The New York Times with the Titantic sinking as the cover story. The history was incredible. The drunken patrons were a little much for me, but the experience was worth it.  


Up next was a stop at Davey’s for ice cream, a few games at Barcade and then an Uber ride back to Jen and Justin’s. We were exhausted and on the border of being overheated so we opted to order in and just catch up. This was probably my favorite part of the day. While I loved being out and about in the city, it was so nice to just hang out with our friends and laugh.  

We left them, made the trek back to the place we were staying and crashed after such a long day! Sunday morning we woke up, got a tour of Treyon and Innwood- such cute neighborhoods with large parks! Our breakfast that morning was so yummy. I had a granola bowl loaded with fresh fruit and almond milk drizzle on top. Yes please.  



Chris and I said our goodbyes and hit the road with the AC cranked as high as it would go. We had such a great visit and were sad to say bye to our friends. But that’s the best part of having friends in New York City, we will be back soon! 



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  • https://beneaththefireworksblog.wordpress.com/ Erika Powell

    That looks like such a fun trip! I love NYC so much but I know it can be brutal when it is that hot!

  • Jen

    How fun! I absolutely love NYC, I can’t wait to go back and visit.

  • http://ohhey-ilikethat.com Lauren

    I cannot BELIEVE that people still just hang out in front of their hotel room windows naked! And then act surprised when others can see them! TOTALLY crackin up as I read this!

  • http://lifeweimagined.blogspot.com Laura Powell

    That story about The Whitney is crazy! I told Mike about your experience and now he wants to go hahaha

    Glad you guys had a great trip despite the heat! :)

  • http://www.setarra.com Setarra

    Hahaha! Sounds like a typical visit to NYC – something crazy/ out of the ordinary always happens when I visit the city. And I have yet to visit the Whitney Museum – can’t wait for your recap! :)

  • http://www.thefreeandwildblog.com Annie

    Ugh, I LOVE NYC! Something ridiculous always happens. I am crying of laughter…