Vacation Stop 1: OCMD


Ya’ll- vacation started on Friday at 8:30pm when I finished cleaning up my event that night. Chris and I jumped in the car and headed straight for the beach. We take vacation pretty seriously and didn’t want to waste a minute! 

We arrived around midnight and went straight to our friend Carmen’s beach house. His family has a beach house just a block from the beach and was kind enough to invite us to spend the weekend with him and his girlfriend! Our other friend Nick came for the weekend and honestly, I loved getting to spend a weekend with them!

We slept in a little on Saturday and then packed up our stuff for a day at the beach. After a few hours and pink skin we came back in and got ready for the evening. The best thing about Ocean City Maryland is the proximity to all of the Delaware beaches as well. We drove the 20 minutes up the coast to Rehoboth. We had one thing in mind- skeeball. Funland is well known in Rehoboth for their rides and wide assortment of arcade games. We had a fierce competition going between the five of us and amazingly I didn’t do so bad! 


After a visit to Kohr Bro’s ice cream, Thrashers French Fries and Candy Kitchen we headed back to OC to get ready for a night out at Fagers. Well….we never made it into Fagers. The line was too long, I had to go on a wild goose chase for a place to pee, someone was bleeding and a fight broke out on the bus between grown men. It was exhausting and we never even made it to the bar. After a comedy of errors we grabbed a drink at Greene Turtle, picked up a pizza next door and went home. 


Sunday was literally another perfect beach day. I woke up early and grabbed a dozen Fractured Prune donuts for the group and we hit the beach earlier than the previous day. We went in the water, rode waves, played card games and relaxed. We had planned to end the day with crabs and fireworks at the nearby park but as we were eating crabs a huge storm rolled through canceling our plans for the evening. To remedy the situation we got ice cream at Dumsers (Dove sorbet bar from Food Lion for me) and went back to the house for card games and Spaceballs. 


Even though we only got two days at the beach I am so thankful for those two days. I had the chance to spend time with friends we don’t see as often and my toes were in the sand for most of the weekend. I was a happy girl. 

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  • Macy Volpe

    Rehoboth is absolutely my FAVE! The rides and games are so much cheaper than Ocean City and I feel like the atmosphere is nicer when I’m not in party mode. I also love Fagers, especially compared to Seacrets, it’s a bummer the line was so long but I am glad you still made the best of the night! I really hope we can get back to OC one more time this year.

  • Erika Powell

    Any time at the beach is a good time! Looks like so much fun!

  • Lauren

    So, after this post, I’m pretty sure we all need a skeeball blate, right?

  • Jen

    That ice cream!!! Oh my it looks heavenly!

  • Annie

    Sounds like a trip that was filled with good friends and good food! Sometimes, the nights where your plans get messed up are some of the best memories. The amount of times we’ve planned on doing something and then wound up getting a pizza and watching a movie at home is comical!