DE Beach Treats

I grew up about 30 miles west of the Delaware beaches. Although I wasn’t a quick drive away I spent many summers in Rehoboth with my family and Fenwick Island with my friends. From the time I was 18 until 22 I spent every summer in Fenwick Island and Ocean City working. 

The beach is my happy place. It’s where so many amazing memories were made and it’s also where a lot of growth happened for me. The sun, sand, and waves restore my body and mind every time I’m there. 

But any visit to the DE beaches isn’t complete without one or all of the yummy treats they’re known for! 


Thrasher’s French Fries- whether you like to drown them in vinegar or douse them in salt- you can’t let one go to waste. 


Kohr Bros Ice Cream- hands down the best soft serve ice cream at the beach and you HAVE to get your cone coated in sprinkles


Grottos Pizza- generations of Campbell’s have noshed on Grottos pizza and its my favorite to this day. Even though I can’t digest it, I dig in every time!


Dolles Popcorn- my Dad always wanted caramel corn, my brother wanted butter popcorn, I wanted mint sticks and my Mom wanted a bite of everyones! There’s something for everyone!


Candy Kitchen- this is a DE and MD treat and often found along the boardwalk. My go-tos are sour watermelon gummies and lego blocks.

If you haven’t visited the Delaware beaches you may need to add them to your travel bucket list, if not for the food alone!

Have you had any of these delicious items?


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  • Macy Volpe

    I had no idea that you worked in OC and Fenwick! I always wanted to do that and then jobs in Baltimore (or boyfriends-gag) got in the way. We are a Fisher’s popcorn family so I have never had Dolles, but it sounds very similar.

  • gail

    You’ve made me miss Dolles! Caramel popcorn for the win!

  • Jenn

    Yes to all of these! Especially Thrashers Fries and Kohr Brothers! I really love Crepes and Crazes in Fenwick, it’s a little hole in the wall but it’s so good!

  • Annie

    You definitely got all the good ones! I’ve never heard of Dolles though! I know that Delaware people LOVE their beach food. Brandon’s family is OBSESSED with Grotto’s Pizza. They put one in on Main St in Newark when I lived there, and they had gluten-free pizza. Everyone insisted that I try but the gluten-free was BLECH. I guess I’ll just never understand the magic of Grotto’s!

  • Lauren

    GROTTOS!!!!!!! Sigh…I need it in my life again.

  • Jen

    All of this food looks amazing, I need that ice cream in my life!