Summer Bucket List Recap!

With Labor Day approaching next week I’m reminded that summer actually is going to come to an end and QUICKLY! It’s ok though- I’m ready for Fall! I want the leaves, layers, Halloween and all the delicious goodies that come with the new season. 

Summer 2016 was a very full and amazing couple of months. I’m happy to say that the Summer Bucket List served me well and I actually completed most of the items on the list. 

Attend an outdoor concert 


In July I went to the Delaware State Fair with my family and saw Little Big Town. We visit the fair each year for a country concert and I love that the stage is positioned right in front of silos. Welcome to Delaware, ya’ll. 

I also saw my FAVORITE Ellie Goulding in June with my girl Katie. Ellie performed at Merriweather Post Pavilion which is an outdoor concert space as well. 

Take a bike ride 


 Yes, yes and yes. I got a bike for my birthday so I have been riding to work and to my events. Once the temperatures reached 90’s or above I put it away until it cools down but I got a few days in before the heat kicked in!

Eat a snowball 


Family friends of ours own a snowcone company so I had to get the biggest size I could eat! They are from Virginia so there wasn’t any marshmallow on top, but I love it the traditional Maryland way too! 

Go to the beach


I spent more time at the beach this year than I have in the last two years combined. I went to OC New Jersey with Chris’ family, met my best friend in Ocean City Maryland, spent another weekend in OCMD with Chris’ friends for a mini vacation and visited two other times!

Eat crabs 


So I tried them….and can safely say I still don’t like them….I’m not a fan of the flavor, taste, smell, or effort needed to pick them. 

Get local produce from a roadside stand 


My parents hooked us up with fresh watermelon (the best!) when we house sat for them in August. It was soooo good! 

Go to a baseball game 


I love going to Orioles games at Camden Yards but add on the fact that this was my first summer with a baseball loving boy named Chris, we went a lot! 

Walk over 15,000 steps in one day (according to the Garmin) 


I worked a lot over the summer but also traveled a lot and my number one way to get around is by walking. My Garmin is definitely getting a workout calculating how much I’m moving around. The busiest day was a record 27,000 steps. 

Eat dairy free ice cream 


The Charmery in Hampden is my ultimate go-to spot for dairy free ice cream. Which is probably why I was so excited to bring them on board as a vendor for our events. Laura and the team are so good to me and always bring out dairy free ice cream for me to eat when they work our events. Try the toasted coconut or their new chocolate peanut butter flavor!

Somethings I didn’t accomplish:
Sleep under the sun
See an outdoor movie
Grill out just the two of us 

 What did you do this summer that made it special?

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  • Macy Volpe

    You had the best summer and were able to knock so many things off of this list. I can’t even understand not loving crabs, so I will have to move right over that 😉 There is still time for an outdoor movie!! The best time to go to the drive in is in the late summer/early fall. Lets make it happen!

  • Setarra

    You did a great job knocking off the items on your bucket list! And I’m with you on crab, not a fan of it. All that work to get a little bit of meat out of the shell… Not worth it. Lobster is muuuuch better! As far as this summer goes, I finally went to an outdoor barbecue last week which made me feel so much better about myself. Can’t go through the summer without a barbecue event. Same with going to the beach :)

  • Annie

    Sounds like you literally had THE best summer ever. I love that picture of you with the crab! Crabs are a ton of work, but they’ve always meant summer to me. Every year, we have a crab feast for my birthday and last year, due to my vegan ways, was the first year that we didn’t do that! However, now that I don’t eat them, I have to say that I don’t miss them…