How to travel to Savannah (& not break the bank)

 Let me first preface this post by saying that I love to travel, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money. I’d rather spend money on experiences than things, but still, if I can do it cheaper I’m going to try. 

 I’ve noticed over the past few years I’ve been bit by the travel bug and like to go away at least one weekend a month no matter how close or far the destination may be. Traveling that often can get expensive so I like to think I’m getting good at planning inexpensive getaways (Not as great as the Master, but close)! 

 Savannah was no different- we knew we wanted to spend at least three full days in the city and knew that it wasn’t going to be cheap unless we did some research.  



Savannah is ten hours away from Baltimore so we drove. Flying would have been a lot quicker but it also would have cost us roughly $300 each way for each person. $1200 to get us both to Savannah and back was outrageous.    

We filled the gas tank three times on the way down and twice coming home = $200 

We used valet parking that our hotel offered each day- $25 per day x 3 days = $75 

If you live along the East Coast I recommend driving. It was important to us to have a car available to use during the stay especially since we wanted to visit Tybee Island.


In most travel situations I can find an Airbnb option that’s a lot cheaper than area hotels. This was the first time that that wasn’t the case. Airbnb rentals were super expensive and hotels were pricey as well so I started looking at deal sites. We booked through Travelzoo and saved at least $100 each night of our stay.  

However, the discounted rate only applied for Monday-Thursday. We initially planed to leave Savannah Saturday morning meaning we would have paid the cheaper rate for three nights and the inflated rate the last evening- we didn’t want to do that. So we checked out Friday right before lunch, ate brunch and then drove to visit my family in Charlotte.  

Yes, we left sooner than we had originally planned but we were able to fit in a quick visit in another city!

 Things to Do  

Check out my post from last week highlighting all the things we did! Most were free and the items that weren’t were very inexpensive! 

Free options: 
The Wildlife Refuge 
Echo Park 
River Walk 

Cheap Options: 
Picnic in the Park 
Bar Crawl 
Go out to eat 
Free Tours by Foot Savannah 

My philosophy is simple- everyone should be able to travel and money shouldn’t be a deterrent. There are so many simple cost saving tips that can be implemented during a trip to make it enjoyable and not break the bank.  Not everything that we did for our Savannah trip will be right for you, but I hope that this post inspires you to get creative and look for ways to save money. Even if saving money for other life expenses isn’t necessary, why not save those extra dollars for your next trip? 

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  • Macy Volpe

    OMG. The “Master” you are too much. I was so intrigued and clicked to see who had budget traveling tips haha. <3

    Driving made so much sense for this trip and was so cost effective! Not having a car sometimes drives me crazy, we try to be very picky on which trips we decide to rent one but it is expensive! I wish we could change around our working days to travel on weekdays more often, the price differences are huge most of the time.

  • Annie

    The Wildlife Refuge is free?! How did I not know about this?!

  • Lauren

    I’m a huge fan of roadtripping instead of flying–it’s how we’re getting to our honeymoon destination!