Terra’s Kitchen: Vegetable Fried Rice

Ya’ll I am a picky eater. Like, no cream based foods (but chicken & dumplings are my favorite), no seafood, ketchup but not tomatoes, dairy free (not by choice), I’m allergic to turkey, hold the spices kinda picky eater. It’s a rough life for Chris, trust me on this. 

So when the kind folks at Terra’s Kitchen asked if I wanted to try their service I jumped at the chance. I’m ready to start branching out and trying new things. If I want to continue growing (and keep my bf happy) I have to AT LEAST try. 

If you haven’t heard of Terra’s Kitchen it’s:

 A healthy meal delivery service that delivers fresh, seasonal ingredients that are pre-portioned and already prepped for the recipes you’re cooking, so you can make delicious food, in less time, with more fun! 

It’s so easy and I had a great time picking out my meals online! You can choose from their menu of seasonal based recipes and select how many meals you’d like to be sent in one shipment. I selected three meals for two people. Chris and I eat together most nights so being able to create new dishes for him was exciting to me!

The three meals I selected were: Vegetable Fried Rice, Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Grapes over Chicken, and Grilled Strip Steak with Corn and Radish Salad.  I also threw in a pre-made arugula salad and fruit cup as a grab and go option for lunch during the week. 

I chose my delivery date and when that day came my refrigerated vessel was waiting for me. Let me tell you something about this vessel, it’s HEAVY! I live in Baltimore City where most packages can’t be left on doorsteps for fear that they’ll be missing 10 minutes later. I send everything via mail to my office. My office is not close to my house when a 50 pound box is involved. After some finagling, grunting, and a lot of sweat was lost, I got the vessel into my house. 


It was impressive to say the least! Every item needed for each meal was packaged, labeled for the meal it belonged to, portioned out and even listed when it should used by. 

Up first: Vegetable Fried Rice!


I pulled all of the ingredients out of my fridge and went to work. Seriously, it’s that easy. My meal was ready 20 minutes later and I had successfully cooked a meal that included bok choy. I had never eaten bok choy and honestly, didn’t know it existed, but it was SO GOOD! I’m now a fan and have already looked up what other meals I can make using it. 


I have two more meals to share in upcoming posts, but if you want to give Terra’s Kitchen a try in the meantime, use the code SOUP30 for $30 off your first order! 


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  • http://totravelandbeyond.com/ Macy Volpe

    This looks and sounds delicious! That vessel is huge and looks so cool. I’m glad you were able to find something new that you both enjoy.

  • http://ohhey-ilikethat.com Lauren

    Oh what a great service! I can’t wait to see more recipes!

  • http://www.thefreeandwildblog.com Annie

    YUM! This looks SO good!