Coffee Talk


I missed the link-up with Amber and Erin on Monday so I’m playing catch-up today. 

If we were to go on a coffee date, what would you want to talk about? Where would we go? What would you order? Let’s talk about some things…

If we went on a coffee date…. I’d ask if you are watching West World? Chris and I started watching a new show on HBO that’s SO GOOD. We watched it this past week with our friends Katie and Jay and got them hooked as well. It’s Game of Thrones meets I Robot. It’s weird but so good. 

If we went on a coffee date… I’d tell you that the next four weeks for me are INSANE. This week is Fleet Week and after 13 months of planning, I am looking forward to Sunday when I can exhale and let it all go. This planning process has been rewarding but so incredibly hard at the same time. One week after Fleet Week is the biggest event I produce for WPB- Harbor Harvest. It’s a children’s fall festival that usually welcomes over 1,000 kids and has a lot of moving parts. The week after I move into a new house and the week after that is our second biggest event, Oyster Fest. Ya’ll check in on November 6th and see if I made it..

If we went on a coffee date… I’d ask you if you have read/seen Girl on the Train yet? I started to read the book when the hype was big and got so anxious that I had to stop. I don’t know what it was, but my heart started racing and I had to literally put it down. But then everyone started talking online about how crazy the ending was… so I’m thinking about going to see the movie. 

If we went on a coffee date… I’d ask you what Fall lipstick colors you’re wearing? I own three lipsticks and I’m realizing that they are more summery and bright shades. Any help or suggestions would be great!

If we went on a coffee date… I’d ask you what you’re being for Halloween? Chris and I did a couple costume last year which was super fun. I want to do something similar again this year, but it needs to be simple since I’ll be moving on Halloween weekend! 

Happy Hump Day friends!

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  • Annie

    West World looks so good. Have you seen This is Us? It is seriously my new favorite show! You must be so busy right now. Girl, you are a rockstar and I love it! I honestly wear cheapo lipstick from CVS and I love it. I use the Wet and Wild brand, because they have so many colors and are cruelty free.

    • Macy Volpe

      YES! This Is Us is amazing!

  • Jen

    I really want to see Girl on a Train! It looks like a great movie.

  • Jenn

    I think I’m the only person on the planet who didn’t like Girl on the Train. Good luck with all of your events in October!! I wish I could make it home for Fleet Week!

  • Macy Volpe

    You are going to kill it this week and through the rest of your events until November! We are trying to come to Oyster Fest this year! Dave’s birthday is a few days before so his family is coming to town, but we may bring them! If you need a date to see Girl on the Train, let me know! I’m also struggling to find good fall lipsticks, all the ones I have are very summer. So glad you joined in for this link-up!