The Birthday Boy

Yesterday was  Chris’ 31st birthday. I WISH so badly that we had been dating a little longer by this time last year so I could spoil him rotten for the milestone birthday, but he was in LA dj-ing at a club…I mean, I guess that’s cool?  

I worked Fleet Week all weekend, but we had some time to go out and celebrate with friends in Fells Point on Saturday night. I made Blue Moon Cupcakes (recipe coming tomorrow!), he opened presents and we enjoyed a lovely dinner with his parents at Woodberry Kitchen.  




Today though I wanted to share some facts about Chris that you may not know. I’m totally stealing this idea from Annie because she’s a genius and I love this idea when she posted about Brandon.  

31 Things About Chris 

When he has downtime he enjoys playing video games (specifically baseball video games)

He knows how to appreciate a cute fluffy animal and isn’t afraid to show it.

^ Visiting Pluto in North Carolina on our way home from Savannah

Sunflower seeds and beef jerky are his snacks of choice

He loves coffee  

He has a tremendous amount of strength when it comes to snacks in the house. And not eating them all in one sitting.

The boy loves his beer and is working towards trying them all at Max’s. His name will be on a plaque someday.

^ DC Brau Valentine’s Day tour

He is always on the go and wants to fill his time with his loved ones.

Chris loves to travel and visit new places.

Chinese food is his comfort food

He’s been to every large event I’ve produced in the last year.

^ Shamrock Shindig

He enjoys home cooked meals more than going out.

He is always wearing something Orioles related- O’s hat, shirt, orange converses or orange watch. The boy loves the Orioles.

Speaking of Orioles, he watches or listens to every single game religiously. I tried to fight it in the beginning but quickly embraced it and his love for the sport. 


He doesn’t mind driving more than me during roadtrips.

He loves his family. 

He can talk to anyone and carry on a conversation with ease

He’s an incredibly loyal friend. I mean nothing says you’re awesome like being a groomsman for 12 weddings. 

Chris owns multiple pairs of Converses and rocks them like non-other


He hates the texture of oranges but loves the flavor

Chris takes forever to wake up in the morning (love youuu).

He is always up for whatever everyone else wants and very much enjoys being active with his friends and family

He loves the social sport leagues in Baltimore and is always playing one sport or another.

He makes sure that everyone around him feels loved at all times


When he laughs really hard it’s the best kind of laugh- the kind where you question if the person is getting enough air! 

He is a fish and loves spending time in the water

Chris loves podcasts and likes to listen to them on long car rides. Specifically Comedy Bang Bang and How Did This Get Made?

He’s way smarter than anyone I know when it comes to technology and how things work.

Chris will never turn down ice cream.

IMG_2517  img_1435

He is the ultimate gentleman and makes sure that the ladies in his life are taken care of.

He is a night owl- he stays up late and sleeps in whenever possible.

Chris loves harder than anyone I’ve ever known and I’m forever grateful for this man in my life. 


Happy Birthday CAD! I love you! 

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  • Katie Hutchinson

    Awww so cute! Always love learning more about that boy. :) <3

  • gail

    Happy Birthday Chris! Love that Pluto made the blog! :)

  • Jen

    Happy Birthday, Chris! I hope it was a great day for him.

  • Annie

    MELTING OVER THAT LAST PICTURE OF YOU TWO. I seriously love you both together! I LOVE reading lists like that, and I just learned SO much about him. I miss you guys. We need to all see each other soon.

    Happy Birthday, Chris!

  • Macy Volpe

    LOVE this!! Annie had the best idea and I am totally stealing it as well for Dave’s birthday. I hope Chris had an amazing birthday.