MD Fleet Week 2016

Fleet Week is over. How on earth do you plan something for so long and then watch it go by in the blink of an eye? Welcome to the event planning world. 

Overall, I think Fleet Week went well and although it was exhausting I’m glad I was a part of such a great event. Fleet Week and The Blue Angels come to Baltimore every two years and who knows what I’ll be doing in 2018 and if I’ll be able to participate in planning again so I’m glad I had the chance. (Disclosure: I plan to be here in two years, but if my role has changed and I have more responsibility I doubt I’ll be able to give the time necessary to planning again). 

I’m ramping up now for the biggest event we produce which happens to be this Saturday. So please forgive the shortened blog post and enjoy photos from Fleet Week!

img_0198 img_0205 img_0326 img_0220 img_0234 img_0239 img_0243 img_0271 img_0255 img_0264 img_0270 img_0285 img_0288 img_0322 img_0325 img_0378



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  • Jen

    What a cool experience! I’ve always heard about Fleet Week but have never experienced it myself.

  • Jenn

    I’m so sad I wasn’t in MD for this! I remember the Blue Angels two years ago. I used to work at CNX Marine Terminal and was able to watch the Blue Angels practicing while I was at work. They are so neat!

  • Macy Volpe

    I love these photos! I am so bummed that we missed Fleet Week again this year, everything looks so cool! We did get to see the Blue Angels though, they were all parked at the airport right by my house. Of course they also practiced over our office last week, that was pretty cool.

  • Annie

    Fleet Week was SO fun! It turned out so great and you got some amazing pictures! Always amazed at how you do all you do, supergirl!