The end of a busy season

There are times when I look at what I’m doing with my career and I feel the need to pinch myself. I moved to Baltimore almost five years ago to work for a Zombie 5K Race company. I was traveling all over the country and had the opportunity to see places I had never dreamed I’d travel to. But there was a lot about the job that I wasn’t happy with. I spent the next three years trying to figure out where I belonged in the event world and in Baltimore and I truly believe that I’ve found it.   


Two weeks ago I produced one of the largest events I’ve ever done on my own. There was over 1,000 pumpkins and 300 bales of straw, 23 staff to manage prior to and on event day, and enough moving parts that I was dreaming about the event for weeks before it actually happened.  


On Saturday, just two weeks later and one week after our move into the new house I produced the 2nd Annual Great Baltimore Oyster Festival. This event was a joint effort between two organizations, but I was still the point person and if everything went to hell I was the one responsible. But it didn’t, the event was possibly one of the most successful events I’ve had yet.  


I wanted to freeze time and remember just how good it felt. To look around at West Shore Park filled with hundreds of people enjoying the food, drinks and music. My co-workers were happy and the President of our company was happy. The smile on my face was wide and I couldn’t hide it. No it wasn’t perfect and there were definitely hiccups, but they were manageable and no one attending the event had a clue. 


My “busy season” is technically over until April, but I’m by no means lounging around all day. My next event is this Friday as the Ice Rink opens for the season and all of the rink programming kicks off! In between events I’m looking forward to spending more time with my friends and family, maybe taking a weekend trip or two and resting up for next Spring/Summer! 

Photos by Ian Johnston Photography




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  • Jen

    What an amazing job to have! You certainly were successful and it shows. :)

  • Emelia @ Dream Big & Buy the S

    I love following your posts about your job. I love event planning and do it on a different basis (wedding and spa parties) at my job and just love it so much. Watching you do it on a bigger level in a different way is so fun. Congratulations on your successful event!

  • Jenn

    Even though I’m sure it’s stressful at times, your job sounds like so much fun! :)