How do you take your coffee?


Do you drink Dunkin Donuts? I’m a huge DD fan and even though there is a Starbucks right next to my office I’ve been driving to the Dunkin Donuts near my house before work. I downloaded the DD app which is amazing. If you drink their coffee you NEED the app. You get points with every purchase and the rewards pop up frequently. I had two free coffees last week! Just a little PSA for my readers!

Today I’m linking up with Amber and Erin for a coffee date 

If we were having coffee…. I would hug you. 
The past week has been emotionally taxing on all accounts. Whether the person you voted for during the election won or not, the hate on Facebook was very upsetting. The election has had a different toll on everyone and I know people who are fighting with their families over the candidate they voted for. It’s insane and I’m so glad that its over. 

If we were having coffee…I would ask you what your Thanksgiving plans are.
I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week! My parents are coming to Baltimore and we are joining Chris and his family for the holiday. I can’t wait to host my parents in the new house and spend a few days with them and Marley!

If we were having coffee…I’d ask where/how/if you’ve ever adopted a dog before.
Chris and I are talking about adopting a dog in the Spring but we have to get a hypoallergenic baby since I’m allergic. We adopted Marley but he kind of fell into our laps since friends found him wandering the streets during a snowstorm. I don’t know where to begin with the real process of adoption and I have a feeling finding a hypoallergenic one isn’t going to be easy..

If we were having coffee… I would ask you what your favorite Thanksgiving dish is. 
I’m allergic to turkey (weird, I know) so I don’t eat it at Thanksgiving. Usually we have a pot roast or something italian to replace it. When I think Thanksgiving I think of mashed potatoes, succotash, and macaroni and cheese! 

If we were having coffee… I would ask you where your next trip is taking you.
Chris and I have put traveling on hold to get settled in the new house but I can’t help but dream of our next adventure. We are thinking back to New Orleans or Key West. 

If we were having coffee… I would ask you if you’ve started prepping the house and buying presents for Christmas? 
I don’t want to rush Christmas but I also get very overwhelmed easily so I try to ease into the holiday. I’ve already purchased about half of my Christmas gifts for other people and just bought stockings for Chris and I. I’ll probably take a break to enjoy Thanksgiving vibes this week and next. 

If we were having coffee what would you ask me?

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  • Lauren

    Oh so many things to say! So, both of my dogs are hypoallergenic–I have a sigh tzu like Marley and a labradoodledoo (3 parts poodle and one part Labrador). So you could go with either of those! Also, mashed potatoes are one of my favorite parts of thanksgiving, too!

  • Kelly Knott

    Reach out to a few rescues. There are even breed specific rescues. Put in applications stating you need one that is hypoallergenic so that it’s on file/you’re approved and won’t miss your chance if one comes up. They pull from shelters all over and some work with people needing to rehome their dogs. It may take some time but they’ll find one for you! Also join local facebook groups for lost/rehoming animals and keep an eye out there. Good luck :)

  • Jen

    I’ve started buying Christmas presents! It feels good to be have a head start on that.

    • Megan

      YES! Even though I’ve bought a few I feel behind already which is crazy!

  • Macy Volpe

    How sweet that you will be hosting your parents and Mar next week!! I am sure they will love staying in the new house with you two. You have mac and cheese on Thanksgiving?! I am jealous! I may start making that now 😉

    My next trip is this weekend- YAY!! I’m off to Dallas for the ravens game and feel like I have been counting down since April for this trip (because I have haha) I am team Key West. I’ve never been but my sister and grandparents absolutely love it!

    I have just barely started Christmas shopping and it is really making me panic. I have so many big events and trips over the next month that I don’t know when I will have the time to get it done. I sat down to make a list of what to buy and almost crumbled.

    • Megan

      SOOO I had no idea that Mac&Cheese on Thanksgiving was weird until my co-worker also said that she was surprised. That’s just always been a thing about my house and I’ve never second guessed it! I can’t believe that December starts on Thursday…. I feel like I really need to get on it with the decorating and Christmas present purchasing….insert panic.

  • Jenn

    We just adopted our pup from the SPCA. We followed the SPCA website to keep track of adoptable dogs. I don’t know if it’s different in MD than in NY but we just filled out an application for Bolt and when the other people backed out we were approved and called to come pick him up. We filled out a bunch of paper work and paid our fee ($130) and took him home. It was a fairly easy process :) I hope you find a cute little doggy!

    • Megan

      Thanks for the insight! I am so looking forward to the process and having a pup here!

  • Annie

    You know I’m still obsessing over the fact that you may be adopting a sweetie soon. UGH. I was already looking up dogs for you. Schnauzers are hypoallergenic and one of my favorite breeds (they are fiesty, but so dang loyal and fun!) and there are a ton up for adoption right now on Also it’s funny that you bring it up but my post on Wednesday is ALL about my favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Obviously our holidays look a TAD different than everyone else’s but I swear you will not go wrong with any of these recipes on Wednesday! I am so excited your parents get to see your new place! (:

    • Megan

      EEEEE I can’t wait for the puppy magic to happen in the spring and I can’t wait to share it with the blogger babes <3 I hope your Thanksgiving was delicious and that you enjoyed the time with your family. Tell me allll about it on Wednesday :)

  • Lindsay

    Adopting is so wonderful. I adopted my dog and my cat.
    Hypoallergenic dogs are simply code for dogs with hair, not fur. This basically means that their hair grows like people and does not shed. Less dander= less sneezing! Yorkies, poodles, Poodles, Shih Tzus and Yorkshire Terriers, Chinese Crested, Portuguese Water Dogs and Schnauzers are all good bets.
    Try to look for dogs in your area that meet your breed choice, or visit the shelter on Falls Rd. The benefit of the shelter on Falls is that they have adoption coordinators there who can basically take down your “list of requirements” and then call you when a match comes in.
    Happy adopting! This is the only time when you get to choose your family!!!

    • Megan

      Thanks for the tips about the shelter on Falls road. I will 100% look into it when it’s time to start the process!!