Thanksgiving Part 2


Sitting on the couch on Sunday at 8pm after a holiday is the hardest. I know I have to go back to work tomorrow and I don’t wanna. I’d rather just keep frolicking around Baltimore with my man, and my parents, and my puppy for the next 93205845720 days. Is that too much to ask?

Since my brain is fried but I have so many fun things to share I’m thinking another weekend recap is in the cards. I know… I don’t plan to make this a thing but when the weekends are this good I have to share them and document them for my memories as well. 


My parents came into town on Wednesday afternoon and they settled into the guest room nicely. It was SO STINKIN COOL to have my parents stay with us in the new house. I’ve lived in Baltimore for almost five years and have never had a room that they could stay in for the weekend or just a night. It was so great. 

My parents, Chris, Marley and I loaded up in the car with our four dishes and hit the road for Chris’ parents house for Thanksgiving. We joined his parents, aunt and uncle, and cousin and his wife for dinner. It was so nice to spend time with both my Delaware family and Baltimore family in one place. You have no idea. 

^ Dad surprised everyone by being the dog whisperer of the evening



Uhm. Two words. Gilmore Girls. I NEED the rest of the world to finish watching them so we can all talk about what happened and I can be reassured that everyone else cried the entire way thru four episodes…right? 

So we watched all four episodes on Friday with my parents, went to Patterson Park, checked out the Pagoda, went to Vaccaros to pick up a box of Italian cookies and enjoyed another dinner with friends. My parents got to meet more people who complete my little circle in Baltimore. 



Mom and Dad sadly left early on Saturday but not until after we had walked over to Hoehn’s and came back with danishes and donuts for the household. It was so great to have them in the city for a few days and I already miss them. Mar stayed in the city and is definitely getting spoiled. 

^ Breakfast on Saturday was DELICIOUS

We helped the same cousin and wife duo from Thanksgiving move to a beautiful new home they just bought and then hosted a game night with friends that evening. Our friends brought over their pups and we had a legitimate puppy party. It was so fun and Marley made new friends!

^ Moving day views


RAVENS! My cousin won tickets to the game through work but was unable to go so he gave them to Chris and I. Yeah sure, we can take those off your hands…. 

Katie and Jay also had tickets so we all had lunch and went to Ravens Walk before heading to our seats. We were pretty high up but honestly it was so great to go to the game since I know we won’t make it to any others. 

WE WON! Thank goodness! The last game Chris and I went to together the Ravens lost so we needed to turn that bad karma around. Not only are the Ravens first in our division but that win also secured free coffee tomorrow. Thanks boys!


Do you prefer my DIY, Baltimore info, recipe posts more than the personal ones? I’d love to get feedback on whether these are interesting for you all as well!

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  • Annie

    Wow…what an amazingly fantastic weekend! I am so happy for you that your parents got to visit you and that you got to spend the holiday with all the people you love. That’s not always possible– blending both sides of the family– so count yourself blessed! (: I love your weekend recaps and I am always so impressed with how fun your weekends are! (:

  • Lauren

    Okay, yes, I finished GG and OMGGGGG!!!! They need to make more episodes because it just CANNOT end like that!

  • Jen

    So fun!! I love the last photo.