Life Lately V.9

Happy Holidays friends! I’ve been a busy little elf prepping for the holiday season as well as bringing cheer to the harbor with our ice rink events. I worked 12 hours on Saturday and took off yesterday since I needed a little extra time to recover. Working three events outside in 35 degree weather was no joke but I’m so happy with how the events have been going! 

And now for a little life lately update:


My parents came to Baltimore for Thanksgiving and brought these super cute purple winter pansies! They are in the flower boxes in the front of my house and bring me so much joy when I come home each day. 


Chris and I try to go to at least one Ravens game each season and we also try to go to said game for free. When my cousin won tickets through work and wasn’t able to make it we gladly took the tickets off his hands…and we won!


Mar spent two weeks with Chris and I and we loved having him here. He will be back after Thanksgiving since my parents are traveling again and we secretly love having the nugget here. He’s so loved when he comes to visit. 


Chris and I got our very first tree and its a real tree, the first real tree I’ve had in a very long time. We’ve really enjoyed decorating the new house for the holiday!


Saturday’s first event was a Reindeer 5K hosted by Baltimore City Rec and Parks. BCRP does a lot for us and we wanted to give back to them. It was a chilly morning but we were so happy to see almost 200 runners comes out to the Inner Harbor!


After the 5K I went over to the rink for Saturdays with Santa! We borrowed a handmade sleigh and reindeer from a local high school for the photos and the rink patrons loved it. The Army/Navy game was also in town so we had a lot of military men and women snapping photos with the big man himself. 


The last event of the day was my favorite. It was one we’ve been working on forever and at a new property I might add. The setting was absolutely beautiful, the skyline was lit up in hues of red and pink, the trees were sparkling from the lights and the food was amazing. I was thrilled. 

We have two more events before Christmas and I’m taking the week off between Christmas and the New Year! I will blog a little but plan to spend a lot of time relaxing with my family and Chris! Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  • Lauren

    Looks like life is going great for you! Happy holidays!

  • Jen

    That 5k sounds like a lot of fun! :)

  • Macy Volpe

    You are hosting so many great events this month! The break after Christmas will be so nice- spend as much time relaxing as you can! That last photo looks so beautiful, and adding a new property would be so cool! You go girl xoxo

  • Annie

    The events you hosted….ugh…so CHRISTMASSY! I love that you have a new place and your parents have gotten to welcome you into your new place!