The Christmas Gift

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friends! I apologize for the radio silence last week! I did not intend to ghost you all but prepping for an 11 day vacation took more out of me than expected and then we rolled right into Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, it was different for me this year. I’m used to going home (Southern Delaware) a few days before Christmas and staying until a few days after. It’s time spent with my family, my puppy and my parents. This was the first year Chris and I decided to spend with both families TOGETHER. It was amazing and I can’t believe we spent Christmas apart last year, but it took some coordination and compromise. I have no idea how all you married couples do it because it was hard to coordinate when we’d be where, but in the end I was grateful for the time spent with both Chris’ family and mine. It truly is about the time spent together, not how it happens. 

We spent Christmas Eve with his parents and extended family eating a delicious (and dairy free!) dinner. I am so spoiled and recognize that I have some pretty amazing people in my life who make me special dairy free dishes separate from the rest of the dinner. Afterwards we went back to Chris’ parents house to hit the sack and wait for Santa! We woke up, opened presents (we got saucers for sledding in Patterson Park!) and enjoyed a delicious French Toast casserole before loading up and heading to Delaware.

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We got to Delaware in time to open presents (so many necessary things for the house!) and watch the Ravens lose to the Steelers. Not the best way to spend Christmas but we quickly put the loss in the back of our minds and enjoyed Christmas dinner with my parents and Mary. 




The day after Christmas is the Yankee Swap which is when all of our extended family comes over to my parents house, we play music and sing Christmas Carols, eat good food and do the Yankee Swap (White Elephant) gift swap. I made out good this year and got a vintage steel crab shaped serving dish. Win for the Marylander! 




Chris’ parents drove from Baltimore to come to the Yankee Swap and it was such a nice treat seeing them twice over the holidays!



This is my favorite day of the year, hands down. All of my family in one place- laughing, catching up, and enjoying the night together. The house is filled with love and all I want to do is freeze a moment from the night to carry with me forever. 

Missing Jonathan- my brother

Did you notice the beautiful photos and the massive amount of them for this Christmas recap? Well Santa (aka Chris) did good this year and got me the camera of my dreams. I had no idea he was gifting me with a camera for Christmas and was shocked when I opened the box which then turned into tears. I’ve been wanting a camera for over a year now because I’m doing so many amazing things personally and with the blog. It was time to upgrade from the iPhone! 


How was your Christmas? Do you spend it with all or some of your family? What was your favorite gift this year?

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  • Macy Volpe

    What a wonderful Christmas you two had! It’s so nice being able to finally celebrate the holidays together. Last year was the first year we were able to do that and it was such a welcome change. I love all of the traditions you have with your families for the holidays. That camera is amazing! We should take photography classes together because we have had ours since last Christmas and I still don’t know how to use it properly 😉

  • Lauren

    Awww this is so sweet! And I just cannot get over the cuteness of Mar!

  • Annie

    Looks like you had the most amazing Christmas EVER. It sounds like so much fun and I just absolutely adore how your families work together and are just SO GOOD for each other. I am envious of how you guys get to make sure you see everyone during the holidays. You’re already gonna be set when you get married (;