Baltimore Street Art 2016

I’ve loved art for as long as I can remember but especially street art. There’s just something so amazing about turning a street corner and finding yourself face to face with a large mural. I even love the small pieces that most people miss but if you’re looking for it you’ll see it or maybe you’ll catch it out of the corner of your eye and wonder how long its been there. The meaning, the colors, the energy and effort that went into it. I love it all.

This is the first photo I took when I moved to Baltimore:


Now, almost five years later I have a large folder filled with photos I’ve taken. My goal is to make a coffee table book after I hit my five years in Baltimore anniversary (May 2017) to remember everything I’ve seen and appreciated since moving to this amazing place. 

Over the last year I’ve learned about the artists who have left pieces in Charm City and have a few favorites. They are all different in their own way and each piece has touched me differently.  Each of the walls below are ones I’ve discovered over the last year and love. 

Michael Owen 



Greg Deal

img_0688 img_0698

Stefan Ways










If you’re looking to explore the Baltimore street art scene follow my girl Rosemary (@officegoth) and Baltimurals (@baltimurals) for more! 


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  • Christine Everyday

    Wow, I love these! Especially the first one. Gorgeous.

  • Lauren

    Wow…I’ve lived/worked in Baltimore for a large portion of my life and I never noticed HALF of these! Thank you for bringing them to my attention!

    • Megan

      YES! I’d love to make a map someday of all the ones I’ve found so keep an eye out for that :)

  • Annie

    I love how you always have the down low on the street art around the city. I love seeing so much street art on our streets. When I was a kid living downtown, there wasn’t really any art at all. But now, I’m starting to see SO much. I love this post!

    • Megan

      Really?! I can’t imagine there not being as much art and I would love to see more! We will have to go exploring soon!

  • Macy Volpe

    I love those murals by Pablo! You always find the best walls. We should have a blate to find some more and take cute pictures!