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Conversation Heart & Chocolate Pretzels

The sweetness of sugary conversation hearts, rich chocolate rolos, and salty pretzels are the perfect combination for a delicious treat! Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’m a sucker for homemade treats. I especially love gifting them to my friends and family!  These conversation heart chocolate pretzels are quick and easy to make when you’re […]

PLUNGE + Video

On Friday, my nine co-workers and I went to Sandy Point and plunged into the cold waters of the Chesapeake Bay in support of Special Olympics of Maryland. Crazy? Maybe. Worth it? Totally! I am so overwhelmed with love and gratitude for the people in my life who donated to the cause. I made a […]

Week 4: Superbowl Chili

Superbowl Sunday is next week and I can’t wait! Whether you watch for the football, the commercials and halftime show or deal with the game in order to nosh on some yummy food- it’s a big deal!   I grew up in a football-loving household but I wasn’t always a fan. As a kid and teenager […]

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

I posted on Instagram this week expressing my lack of motivation and funk that I’m in right now. I’m feeling overwhelmed like I’m not doing enough, not going to as many events as I should, and not connecting with enough bloggers. It’s exhausting and I caught myself losing sight of why I started the blog […]

Homemade Poptarts

Everyone has their weakness, something they know isn’t good for them but they  just can’t say no. Wanna know what mine is?    Poptarts  It could be worse right? Ha! I eat fairly healthy for lunch and dinner but breakfast is my sugar filled meal and I just can’t change my bad habits. They are […]

A moment to reflect

This time last year Chris and I were exploring the great city of New Orleans. It was our first trip together in our new (four months!) relationship. Not only were we going on our first trip together but we were roadtripping 15 hours in one of the worst snowstorms in recent history to get to […]

Women’s March on Washington

As we pulled up at the train station we saw them- hundreds of women wearing pink hats, clutching handmade signs and cheering. There was a window standing between us and them and it felt as if they were right in front of us close enough to touch. The feeling in the air was electric and […]

Week 3: Crockpot Stuffed Shells

In my opinion there are two types of crockpot recipes: ones that are meant to be made in a crockpot so they can simmer and cook over time soaking up the deliciousness and others that take the time out of prep and make life easier at meal time. This recipe is an example of the latter.  […]

Things You Should Know: Women’s March on Washington

The Women’s March on Washington is happening this Saturday in Washington DC. I feel like you might be living under rock if you haven’t heard of it or don’t know at least one person going. The expected attendance is over 200,000 and as of earlier this week more than 1,000 additional buses registered. The response […]

What’s in my clutch?

The “Whats in my bag” feature in US magazine is one of my favorites to read. I think you can learn a lot about a person by what’s in their bag. Mine is currently filled with cough drops and tissues from a nagging cold that is finally starting to leave so I decided to share […]