Lions & Tigers & Street Art?

Happy Monday friends! I hope you had a great weekend! It was super warm here in Baltimore on Friday and Saturday but then we had a thunderstorm and hail on Saturday with cooler temps on Sunday…this winter has thrown us all for a loop I think.

Chris and I both had off on Friday because we had planned a visit to DC to see the Infinity Mirrors exhibit but due to a comedy of errors, that didn’t happen. Instead we got a full nights sleep, woke up slowly and hopped on the MARC train around 11am for a day in the DC enjoying the weather and exploring. 

I used to hate taking the train, mainly because my anxiety flares up during travel and a train is not something I can exit whenever I please but after riding it more recently it’s growing on me. So we went to Penn Station and bought our tickets for the next train which happened to be in an hour. After grabbing a quick breakfast we left the station and wandered around the area killing time and searching for awesome walls. 

I think we found a couple…

IMG_0678 IMG_0684 IMG_0691

^^ My perfect Saturday- DD and fun walls with my love!

Soon it was time to head back to the station so we caught our train, made our way to DC and hopped on the metro for Woodley Park. We were in Woodley within 15 minutes and went on the hunt for a mural I’d been looking for. I grew up loving Marilyn Monroe so knowing that she was on a wall somewhere made me want to find her! 



Before long we were trekking the four blocks to the zoo in 72 degree weather commenting on how lucky we were to have the day together in such GREAT weather! 

If you’ve never been to the National Zoo I highly recommend it. It’s free- so crazy and they have so many animals to check out. We made our way through the park looking at the tigers, lions, small mammals, bison, elephants and pandas. 


I was most excited about the pandas and the elephants. Elephants have been my favorite animal for as long as I can remember and the pandas are just so stinkin cute!

IMG_0752 IMG_0754


^ The panda in the back! haha!

We were only in DC for about four hours but it was the best way I could think to spend a gorgeous February day with my love. 

How did you spend your weekend? 

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  • Annie

    Sounds like the best day ever! The weather has been so gorgeous out lately and I’m so happy you were able to enjoy it– especially since your busy months are during the warmer months! The National Zoo is absolutely incredible. We try to go once or twice a year because it’s just that amazing. I have been dying to go to the Infinity Mirror looks so cool!

  • Jen

    We have spent some time in DC but we never made it to the zoo, I am totally kicking myself now.

  • rosemary k

    I grew up right around there! It’s an awesome area – and even better when it’s warm out. You lucked out with weather!

  • Macy Volpe

    I love the picture of the panda- you got some great shots! I’m glad you were able to make it to DC and enjoy this amazing weather even if original plans didn’t work out.

  • Lauren

    I love love LOVE the National Zoo! Especially the red pandas!