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This time last year Chris and I were back from New Orleans planning our next adventure, to Atlanta! We traveled a lot last year and it’s crazy to think that we spent all of August traveling but haven’t been away since! Six months of no traveling is not normal based on the precedent we set the first year of our relationship but that’s ok. We are budgeting, being smart with our money, and saving.  

Adulting is hard you guys.  

I’ve stopped eating out for lunch, we are being selective about how many times we go out per week for dinner and drinks with friends and we don’t have any trips planned.  

But I’ve been playing around with new recipes in the kitchen that are super yummy and we have been creative about the time spent with friends instead of just going out and spending money on drinks. I’m bumming pretty hard that we don’t have any upcoming travel plans but I’m happy to spend a day here and a day there. 

I do have a few money saving tips up my sleeve and that’s what I wanted to share with you today! 



 I talked about Digit HERE. It’s amazing and in a year I’ve saved over $1,000 that I never noticed was pulled from my account.  



Shopkick is an app I have on my phone that gives me “kicks” when I walk into participating stores. Since I don’t leave the city much I can only get points from a few local stores but they happen to be ones I frequent often. I get kicks for walking in, scanning items in the store, and purchasing certain items. Those kicks can be redeemed for giftcards. Currently I’m working my way towards a Starbucks giftcard. Yes it takes about 10 trips to get that giftcard but it takes minimal effort on my end and I’ll get two free coffees. YES PLEASE. 


Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 4.55.13 PM

When I do go out with friends to catch up and grab a drink I use Loople to find out where the happy hour deals are! Loople was created in Baltimore by two awesome guys and I use the app all the time. They just made a website for Loople too so I can hop on my computer right before leaving work and pick a happy hour spot for that evening.  

But I need your help in finding a good budget app. I’m a visual person and want a budgeting app that I can use on my phone as I make purchases but DOESN’T link to my bank account. So many budget apps that link don’t place the transaction in the right “category” and I just want more control over the budget. I’ve tried a couple and nothing is really sticking. Let me know if you have any recommendations! 

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  • Jen

    I’ve only ever heard of Shopkick, I may have to check out these other apps! Thanks for sharing!

  • Annie

    Yes! I love this! This year, we decided to not go on any trips that we have to pay for. It just so happened that we were blessed with trips, but it’s been hard to not just pick up and go places whenever we want to. It feels SO good to be an adult though, doing the responsible thing. People don’t Instagram being responsible, like “Oh, here we are saving money by not traveling” so I think it can be hard sometimes, when we are bombarded with travel pictures all the time! I am so proud of you guys, saving money! These apps are awesome– I am definitely going to check them out!