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I love a strong independent woman who goes for what she wants in life. I love a girl who has a passion and builds a career around that passion. I love a girl who is always supporting other girls around her and building them up to be the best version of themselves.  


An example of this girl is Kelly Stegman, founder of Pace and Love Marketing. Kelly is someone you probably already know if you’re a mover and a shaker in Baltimore. She attends networking events frequently and is constantly on the go.  

Kelly is originally from Silver Spring and when she moved to Baltimore for a job she thought she’d be here for a year before heading back towards DC but almost six years later she’s still in Baltimore and thriving! 

While working for Whole Foods Market she witnessed first hand, local businesses trying to learn the ropes in promoting and growing their company and product. Kelly, who was a Food Marketing major at Saint Joseph’s University saw a need and decided to open up her own marketing firm to fill that void!  

She started Pace and Love Marketing and focuses on social media marketing, merchandising consulting and food brokering for local products. Some of her current clients are Gundalow Juice, Gundalow Gourmet, Mouth Party Caramels, Grayson Natural Farms and more. All companies I’m a huge fan of! 

When I asked her what a typical day was like she replied with this: 

 “A typical day doesn’t exist. But here’s a shot at it: I wake up and immediately check (my social media software) to respond to any activity over my client’s social media channels. I then check my e-mail and utilize my Streak app which let’s me measure my sales efforts. Then, I usually have various meetings or sales calls for my clients. A stop into Whole Foods to check on my clients’ products and check in with the team is part of my routine. I also go to many networking events and enjoy meeting people while I’m out walking my puppy.” 

 I’m tired just reading that. Did I mention Kelly is always on the go? But that’s what makes her great at her job! Whether she’s passing out samples of juice or scheduling out social media for her clients she is always incredibly enthusiastic. Kelly is high energy and as another high energy individual, I can appreciate it. She attacks every task no matter how big or small and doesn’t stop until she’s succeeded. In the year that I’ve known Kelly I’ve seen her and her business grow leaps and bounds and couldn’t be happier to have her in my circle in Baltimore.  

 Watch Pace and Love Marketing’s story below: 

 You can find Kelly on social media HERE and HERE. Make sure to stop by and say hi!  




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  • Macy Volpe

    I LOVE this!!! Kelly looks awesome. The promo video was so good, I love the concept behind helping businesses grow. Thanks for introducing her today, I am now following!

  • Elise Richard

    Yesssss, I am loving this!! Yay for awesome girls. Loved learning more about an awesome female in Baltimore. Definitely checking out her stuff now :)


  • Jen

    This is awesome!! Yay for strong women!

  • Christine Everyday

    She seems awesome! So cool that you have her around you.

  • Annie

    Love that you’re shedding light on so many awesome people in Bmore! Love her story!