Why We Made the Switch

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Remember when I mentioned HERE that Chris and I joined a small studio close to our home and were starting our fitness journey together? Well things have shifted gears and thanks to Macy for asking why we made the change! I figured it was worth sharing with you all as well!

In January Chris and I decided (along with the rest of the population) that enough was enough and we REALLY needed to get healthy. We’ve been putting on the #lovepounds and snuggling up on the sofa instead of going to the gym. Granted I hope the snuggling never stops but going to the gym a couple times a week definitely isn’t going to hurt either of us..

So we visited a local studio that I have worked with previously and had a consultation. It went well and we decided to sign up for one month and give it a shot. The studio offers classes at select times during the week and we thought we’d have no problem making it to them. After two weeks we learned that we were killing ourselves trying to make the classes, then killing ourselves AT the class and feeling the pain for the rest of the week. 

You see, Chris and I are just starting our fitness journey. We aren’t sedentary by any means but we don’t work out regularly. The classes we were taking were hard core and high intensity interval classes where there was no warm up, the classes moved at a very quick pace and just like that we were out the door without any contact with the teacher. It just didn’t work for us. We’d get home and pass out on the sofa from exhaustion and would be unable to move afterwards. 

We kept telling our friends and family that it was great, because we were up and moving and that was more than we were doing before. But it didn’t take long to realize this actually wasn’t a good fit for us. We canceled our membership at the end of the first month and started looking into other options. 

As of three weeks ago, we are now members of a gym in the city. We like that there are classes we can go to when our schedule allows it but we can also go and work out whenever we are free. The gym is open 24 hours a day and has so many things to offer that we didn’t have before. It’s close to our house- not within walking distance but a quick drive. 

The biggest benefit is that our membership comes with five sessions with a personal trainer. We learned what our BMI’s were (mine is 25%), discussed our goals, our injuries and weak spots, and how we can motivate each other. 

I’ve left each session learning more about myself, more about how to take of myself and feeling powerful. I’ve been tired but not exhausted and sore but not in extreme pain. I’m cooking healthier and more balanced meals at our house and have been going to the gym when we don’t have our training sessions to implement what we’ve learned. 

I will keep you all updated on our fitness journey by sharing updates, some things I’ve learned and also I’ve been testing out new DELICIOUS smoothie recipes that you NEED in your life. 

Stay tuned! 


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  • http://ohhey-ilikethat.com Lauren

    Joining the right gym is so important! I loved the one gym that I was a member of, but once I moved, it was really out of the way and I could never make it to the classes. I’m with another gym now, and it’s ok, but I’m still on the lookout for my perfect fit!

    • Megan

      It’s so hard to find a good fit and I think we’ve got it. I hope you find yours soon!

  • http://kyleandjensmith.blogspot.com/ Jen

    This is awesome! You guys are embarking on a great journey together! :)

    • Megan

      Thank you! It’s not easy but I know it’ll be SO worth it!

  • http://www.thefreeandwildblog.com Annie

    That’s so awesome! I’ve done it all- a 24 hour gym with classes whenever, a hardcore studio with intense classes only and a smaller gym without any classes- and I am a fan of being able to work out and take classes whenever I can. I am so happy you guys realized it isn’t worth killing yourself over. All that matters is you’re happy and healthy– not just happy, and not just healthy. Go you guys!

    • Megan

      I don’t know how anyone makes classes at 6pm during the week. I just don’t There’s something called life that just doesn’t always allow it and when I’m paying the same price for a gym that lets me work out whenever, I’ll take that any day!

  • http://totravelandbeyond.com/ Macy Volpe

    I am so glad you are loving the new gym and your routine. I have been so tempted to sign up with the $20 a month deal they are running but we just finally got our budget figured out. I wish person trainers were cheaper, or like a mini group personal trainer was an option because I haven’t been able to find a group class I enjoy.