Snapchat vs InstaStories


When Instagram rolled out their InstaStories in August of last year I was not impressed. I was using Snapchat daily and felt like this new addition was just too much in my world of social media. How was I supposed to add photos to my Instagram feed, add photos and video to my InstaStories and then go into Snapchat and do the same? I found myself attempting to utilize all three and it wasn’t easy.  

I’ve been a Snapchat user since the app came out. I have to admit though that I didn’t become an active user until the stories feature was rolled out and the stigma of inappropriate content seemed to take a backseat. I loved and still do love the filters and many options that come with Snapchat but my main complaint is that I have to take the images from within the app. It’s possible to add an image from your Camera Roll now, but it’s not user friendly and it’s obvious when the image doesn’t come from within the app.  

^ HUGE fan of the Snapchat filters

Although Instagram Stories don’t have filters, users can easily upload photos from within their camera roll and honestly, that makes all the difference for me! I also enjoy that they’ve built in Boomerang and the option to record without holding down the record button.  


I’ve learned over the last few months that InstaStories are just enhancing my Instagram account and Snapchat has taken a backseat. It was a gradual change and suddenly one day I realized that while I was still logging onto Snapchat to watch my friends stories, I hadn’t posted in weeks or even a month! However, my InstaStories were flooded with photos and videos that supported my Instagram feed. I never thought I’d see the day… 

 I started doing some research and quickly learned that others are feeling and experiencing the same exact thing! According to THIS TechCrunch article, since Insta Stories came out Snapchat users have seen a decline of views by 40%!  


The reach on InstaStories is so much stronger than Snapchat because the following and interest is already with Instagram. On Snapchat my highest view count was 60 and on Instagram it’s over 100 on weekdays and closer to 200 on weekends!

 As a blogger, I want my content out there for my followers to see and Snapchat just doesn’t have the support that Instagram does. Has anyone else experience this gradual shift into InstaStories?  




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  • natalieaja

    Oh my god, how cosmic I was just having this conversation with a friend of mine last night! Another thing I like about Instagram Stories is that the photo quality is insanely better than Snapchat! I have no idea how or why this is possible – same camera, same phone – yet sometimes I’ll take the same photo on Snapchat and then again on Instagram stories and the Instagram one is far superior.

    But I agree with you, I like using Instagram stories as a way to not only enhance my Instagram feed but also sometimes to give my followers an “insight” into my life. That I’m goofy or have sick days or eat Taco Bell in bed. Sometimes I feel like the feeds themselves can give off this unrealistic and idealistic representation of the user so it’s fun to say HEY I’m normal and weird I’m just sharing you a glimpse into my life with my favorite photos but that’s not the entire package.


  • Laura Powell

    Yes yes yes! I finally deleted my Snapchat for these very same reasons! I feel like once Instagram finds a way to incorporate geofilters and face mapping, it’ll be over entirely for Snapchat. I loved the filters and voice changers they had and I miss them a lot on InstaStories but I felt like I had more reach on Instagram than I did on Snapchat and ditched it along with a lot of other bloggers and social media influencers. It seems like gradually, everyone is switching over! Great post Meg!

  • Jen

    I rarely use snapchat, my Dad sends funny photos and I will do them occasionally with my niece and nephew.

  • Annie

    I love this. You know I’m not a SnapChat girl. Even before IG had stories, I just found Snapchat to be nauseating with the constant updates on everyone’s life and I found myself totally sucked into snapchatting that I wasn’t being present in my life. But for some reason I find Instastories so much easier to manage, but it’s sole purpose isn’t just stories. It’s so much more. IG is my favorite platform and honestly, I was Team Instastory since the day it launched. I would love for them to get some filters though. I have a Snapchat with no one added that I keep for when I babysit my niece and nephew because they love using the filters. I love how funny they are…but IG all day errr day.

  • RacheL

    I’m team insta story all the way!

  • Brittany Wight

    i also have trouble finding people that i’m not already friends with in real life, on SnapChat…unless they post their snap info ON INSTAGRAM and then I have to switch apps. I don’t even bother swapping between apps.

    With Insta Stories you can elaborate on details of a photo, share things that don’t necessarily fit your feed, etc.

    InstaStories all the way

  • Anna Elizabeth Events

    I LOVE Instagram stories!! I have personally never used Snapchat (mainly because I felt that some of the content was inappropriate or could be) but, once Instagram rolled out the stories I was SO excited and have been using it consistently since. The only thing I am sad about is that they don’t have fun filters yet (like the cute dog one, lol)!

    xo Anna Elizabeth