Blogger Walls + Insta Photo Challenge

As a blogger there are a few things that give me heart eyes: A) A gorgeous white countertop B) Fun patterned floors C) An adorable coffee cup and D) A super colorful or interesting wall.

There are way more things that make me overwhelmingly happy but the above help with capturing creative and aesthetically pleasing images for the ‘gram.

Let’s focus on the walls for this post.

I’ve always loved finding murals and street art in Baltimore and while traveling but I never had the courage to stand IN FRONT of those walls as a focal point. I am no fashion blogger!


But, my girl Rosemary (@officegoth) has given me the courage to give it a shot and I don’t hate having my photo taken anymore. #babysteps Speaking of Rosemary, we’ve teamed up to share our favorite walls for photo opts in Baltimore with you! Keep reading to see what her top picks are!

With this newfound courage, I’ve been wandering around the city for the past year trying to find new walls and potential backdrops for photos. Here are some of my favorites:

Graffiti Alley


I’ve talked about Graffiti Alley HERE and HERE and to this day its my favorite spot to take photos in Baltimore City. I’m definitely not the only one since there is usually a photo shoot happening when I visit. I also love that the artwork changes every time I stop by and there’s always something new to see.

Clipper Mill Warehouses


If you read THIS post you know I’m slowly adding color into my life- my clothing, my accessories, my house! When I saw this wall outside of the Society of Excellent Women’s February Meet-Up, I NEEDED to get a photo in front of it. I LOVE how the background pops against my dark outfit.

Michael Owen Murals


Michael Owen is the artist responsible for the LOVE Project but he’s also done many other murals in the city that I’m absolutely obsessed with. The bright wall on the side of Johnny Rads is my favorite but the donuts on Hoehn’s Bakery come a close second!

What about you Rosemary? Which walls are YOUR favorite in Charm City?

Hi Megan, thanks so much for asking! I started wall hunting about two years ago. I saw so many fun walls – mostly in far off, warmer cities – that I decided to see if I could find any awesome ones in Baltimore. Honestly between here, Philly and Washington, DC – we’re pretty stocked up! Here are my top three Baltimore walls:

Mondrian Wall

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

This wall is a total new find for me! My friend Natalie and I saw it on our way to an event last week and I made a mental note to check it out on the weekend. This wall is actually hidden from the public when Wine Underground is closed, which makes it even cooler – IMO.


Patterns and Colors Wall

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

This is one of my all time favorite walls and I’d probably take every single photo in front of it if I could. It’s also a brisk walk away from my office, so you’ll probably be seeing a good amount of work style photos in front of it this summer. This wall is a total hidden gem. It’s right by the train tracks near Ravens’ Stadium, sort of behind the Horseshoe Casino. I love that the colors spill out onto the sidewalk, and I love how the afternoon light provides the perfect natural lighting.

Station North Walls

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Station North is crawling with different street art – from commissioned murals leftover from Open Walls Baltimore to alleys full of awesome graffiti. I personally love the tryptic of murals at the intersection of Lanvale and Maryland Ave. The colors are so amazing and the shapes make me think of futuristic totem poles. 

Man, it was hard to pick just three! We’ll have to do a part two!

To check out the walls we’ve mentioned use the map below! 


Speaking of taking awesome photos… I’m hosting an Instagram Photo Challenge with my fellow Blogger Babes Macy, Annie, and Laura! For the month of April upload a photo each day that corresponds with the theme and use the hashtag #HeresToYouApril so we can check out your photos! The challenge starts Saturday so get your photos ready!



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  • Elise Richard

    I haven’t checked out a few of these, so yay! Thanks for sharing these awesome spots guys! I am excited to attempt this photo challenge. I have never done one before, so this should be fun!

  • Lauren

    I love an instagram challenge!!!

  • Ashley

    So much inspiration in one post! I need to visit these walls asap! Also love a insta challenge!!

  • Jen

    That is such a fun challenge!!! :)

  • Laura Powell

    Every single one of these photos is amazing! I need to hit up some of these walls ASAP! Can’t wait for the challengeee!

  • Macy Volpe

    I LOVE these spots, thank you for sharing!! You two are so inspiring to get out there and strike a pose.