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SOTD’s Top Posts

Whoops! We are three months into the new year and I completely forgot to hit publish on this post! It’s my last recap from 2016, but arguably one of the most important- Soup of the Day’s Top Posts in 2016!  This blog started as an outlet for me to share what I was doing in […]

Winter Bucket List Recap

  Spring doesn’t technically start until March 20th but we had 70 degree days in February so I think Mother Nature is moving at her own pace right now! I definitely don’t hate it though, I’ve never been one to really look forward to summer since I don’t like super high temperatures but there’s something about […]

Healthy Green Smoothies

St.Patrick’s Day is this Friday! It’s probably one of my least favorite holidays since I’m not much on Irish food and dark beers aren’t really my jam, but I love any excuse to celebrate and spend time with friends!  I produced my company’s 6th Annual Shamrock Shindig yesterday. It’s a family friendly event with food […]

Week 10: Marinara Meat Sauce

My Mama makes a mean meat sauce which she always puts over angel hair pasta and it’s the most delicious meal. If you ask my brother we ate it too much as children but I disagree. She would make a huge batch of it and freeze some to eat later when we had just started […]

Bargain Booties

My Mama taught me how to be a bargain shopper early in life. I was Limited Too obsessed at 10 years old and she had two choices 1) buy me everything and go broke or 2) teach me a valuable lesson. She’s a smart lady and did a combination of both…just kidding! She used my […]

HIMYM Love Affair

In August 2016 Chris and I started watching How I Met Your Mother. I had only seen a few episodes throughout the years when roommates were watching it and I was passing through. I didn’t even know the plot or the characters names. When Chris suggested we start watching it I was hesitant, but we […]

February Recap

February went by so quickly- like the blink of an eye. February was a very social month for us and I really enjoyed it. My busy season is only two months away so I’m trying to soak up time with friends and family now! I’m also trying to soak up this crazy warm weather we’ve […]


*wishing I were slightly more photogenic… Reading Andy Cohen’s newest book, “Superficial” and it’s hilarious. I’m a BRAVO junkie and blew thru Andy’s first book. I’m almost finished this and then I’ll be starting The Couple Next Door. I got four books for Christmas and haven’t finished any of them…time to make reading a priority! […]

Week 9: Chicken & Dumplings

YOU GUYS. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS RECIPE! Chicken and Dumplings are my all time favorite food. They remind me of my childhood sitting with my grandmother and brother every Thursday enjoying a plate of dumplings and tender chicken.  For those who aren’t chicken and dumplings aficionados- there are two kinds of chicken and […]

Charm City Creatives: Pace and Love Marketing

  I love a strong independent woman who goes for what she wants in life. I love a girl who has a passion and builds a career around that passion. I love a girl who is always supporting other girls around her and building them up to be the best version of themselves.   An example […]