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Memorial Day Shenanigans

Happy Wednesday friends! I’m so thankful for the three day weekend we just had and the short work week ahead of us. It’s FINALLY feeling like summer and I’m so excited for all of the fun things I have ahead of me over the next couple of weeks.  This weekend was filled with work, sleeping, […]

Week 21: Banana Bread FAIL

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Today I don’t have a recipe for you that I’ve tested and tried but I do have some fun suggestions for you. I had two awesome recipes to try this week and BOTH FAILED. How is that possible?! Of course the crazy busy weeks aren’t kind to me in the kitchen.  […]

Charm City Creatives- Bakeamore

Baltimore is filled with many creative individuals. Business owners, bloggers, artists, and culinary masters breaking the mold and stepping outside of the box to do something different.   I get excited when I meet a new creative and even more excited when that individual has a heart of gold to go with their creative endeavors!    Last […]

The Proposal Story

Thank you all for your love on our recent engagement! We are seriously so happy and having loved ones surround us has made this such a special time. Today marks ONE MONTH of being engaged so I think it’s time to share the REAL engagement story (since Chris informed me that my last post really […]

Week 20: Chicken Noodle Soup

Sometimes all I want is a big bowl of chicken noodle soup, especially when I’m feeling under the weather or just want to reset my body. The past month or so has been tough with my allergies. We’ve been sleeping with the windows open because the cool night air felt so good but waking up […]

5 Years in Baltimore + GIVEAWAY

Five years ago today was my first day as a resident of Baltimore. I had just graduated from college (Salisbury University) and moved to Baltimore to pursue my dream of being an event planner. To say I was nervous and a little scared would be an understatement.   But I quickly fell in love with the […]

Week 19: Chicken Teriyaki Bowls

Teriyaki is a flavor that I don’t often cook with, but I wanted to switch things up in the kitchen especially because my better half loves all food and likes variety! I found THIS recipe online and decided to give it a shot. Guys….I RUINED IT! Big time!  I bought the thin chicken breasts and […]

5 Ways to Eat Dairy-Free Yogurt

I’m going to be candid for a second- avoiding dairy sucks. I was diagnosed lactose intolerant at the age of 20 after many, many years of indulging in all things creamy and delicious.   One day as I ate my favorite soft serve ice cream from the beach I didn’t feel so great. It took some […]

Loving Lately: Fitness Edition

 The fitness journey is still going and we are crushing it if I do say so myself. I did three sets of 15 of leg presses at 100 pounds this week and then kicked some major booty at the gym on Saturday at 6:45am. If you told me three months ago that I’d be waking […]

Week 18: Chicken Fajitas

  Happy Cinco de Mayo friends! I was supposed to be kicking off two event series’ today but with the gross rainy weather they’ve been canceled. However, more events are kicking off next week and I can’t wait!  May is a big month for me professionally and I’ll be leaning on my crockpot meals more than […]