The Proposal Story

Thank you all for your love on our recent engagement! We are seriously so happy and having loved ones surround us has made this such a special time. Today marks ONE MONTH of being engaged so I think it’s time to share the REAL engagement story (since Chris informed me that my last post really wasn’t about the engagement..)

Let me start by saying that it’s REALLY hard to surprise me. I pick up on every little change, weird behavior, etc and I was nervous that should Chris propose to me one day, I’d know immediately and totally ruin the element of surprise. I can say with 100% honesty that he got me. I had no idea the proposal was coming until 10 seconds before.

I woke up on April 22nd, my 27th birthday, to the rain tapping against the bedroom window. Not ideal because I was  about to help produce an outdoor event, but the fact that 15 of my best friends were all meeting up that night in their best 90’s gear for a bar crawl was what pushed me through the day!

After the soggy event we laid around the house relaxing and playing with our best friends’ pups who we were puppy sitting. They had asked us to drop off the babies at their house around dinner time that evening since they were flying in from vacation, changing their clothes and meeting us out. Seriously, talk about dedicated friends! 

We loaded up the car and headed straight for their house. As we were driving Chris asked me what I wanted for dinner before meeting up with our friends and I obviously said Chick-Fil-A. I’m constantly asking for CFA because it’s my favorite and Chris’ not so favorite. This is relevant later I promise. He also asked if I wanted to go for a walk in Patterson Park and I said no because it was raining, duh. He insisted that maybe later it wouldn’t be and how beautiful would it be in the park after rain. I didn’t suspect a thing. 

We arrived at our friends house and dropped off the puppies. While I was kissing and hugging them goodbye I noticed Chris went into Jay’s beer fridge and cracked open a beer. 

“Why are you drinking his beer?!” 

“Because he’s not here to tell me no!”

So we hung out at their apartment, without them, drinking beer and playing with the dogs and I still wasn’t suspicious. It wasn’t surprising that Chris wanted to drink something from Jay’s beer fridge what was suspicious was how SLOWLY he drank that beer. All I wanted was my CFA nuggets!

Finally we were back in the car headed to Chick-Fil-A for dinner and I was talking his ear off like usual. I stopped talking long enough to notice that we were not on the road to the closest Chick-Fil-A, instead we were on the road that leads to our house and goes right by Patterson Park. I asked where we were going and he insisted we were getting dinner but were going the back way to avoid traffic. There were a couple of events happening in town that day so again, didn’t question it. 

It wasn’t until he whipped the car into a parking spot along the park that I realized we weren’t getting dinner yet, but I still thought that he just really wanted to walk in the park. Chris was leaving for Las Vegas for a work trip the next day and I thought he was being extra sweet and romantic because we wouldn’t see each other for a week. 

We walked hand in hand in the park with little rain drops falling onto our eyelashes and sliding down our faces. We talked about the park and how lucky we are to live so close. We talked about the beautiful fountain that was on and we hadn’t noticed before. We questioned what the real lyrics were in the Spice Girls’ Wanna Be Song. ha! That’s all true and very much why I love this man. 

As we rounded the corner of the Pagoda I got really excited. It’s easily one of my favorite landmarks in Baltimore and the thought of having it all to ourselves to go up in and take photos was thrilling. But that’s when I noticed Chris’ cousins, Nick and Julie, trying to camouflage themselves in the Pagoda walls. Nick is over six feet tall with dreads, he was not doing a good job of blending in!

It was then that it clicked. The comments about walking in the park. The stalling at Katie and Jay’s apartment. The weird conversation leading up to the Pagoda. 

“Bub, what are Nick and Julie doing here?” I asked. 

“They’re taking our picture,” he said. 

“Picture for what?” I asked. As the words came out of my mouth I turned to see Chris down on one knee. 

It was perfection. He couldn’t have proposed in a better way and I’m so thankful that he did such a good job of keeping it a secret from me. 

Once we had taken a million pictures, hugged, and cried together he told me all the secrets he had been keeping. Like the fact that he’d had the ring for almost three months, and that he was really planning on proposing in May but changed his mind last minute at 2:30 that day (and proposed at 5:30)! 

As we walked to the car talking non-stop he asked if I was ready for dinner and for the first time in my life I could have cared less about Chick-Fil-A! All I wanted to do was kiss and hug him and stare at the ring for hours!

We got CFA and we had the best night celebrating with our friends. 

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  • Kayla Whitter

    This is the sweetest! I love your story so much!!! :)

    I’m also really happy that you finally got your CFA.

  • Jen

    This is so so sweet! I love how thoughtful the whole thing was! :)

  • Lauren

    I love love LOVE this!!!!! Doing my best not to sob out loud at work!!!

  • Glenn Marshall

    Love the story and the beginning for you both! Well done Chris, you have a very special lady to go through life with, enjoy the journey.