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Week 26: BBQ Chicken

Happy Friday friends! Today is the EASIEST crockpot recipe I’ll share during the 52 week challenge. With only three ingredients this recipe is perfect for someone who doesn’t want a ton of prep time. I also make this when I’m trying to clean out my fridge and use up ingredients. With hot days and BBQ’s […]

Week 25- Strawberry Jam

My favorite fruit is strawberries- the sweet, juicy nectar that I love to enjoy by itself, as a topping and mixed in with other flavors. I don’t discriminate and will eat strawberries in my smoothies, my cereal, on my waffles or ice cream and even in a bowl with a little sugar sprinkled on top. […]

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding FAQ

You guys. Tomorrow marks two months of being engaged! We are engaged….. I have a Fiance…. It’s still so crazy! We haven’t done a ton of planning since it’s my busiest season at work, Chris has been slammed with his work, and we have time before we need to start checking things off of the […]

Fitness Update: The Fear of Failure

-via- Before Chris and I started going to the gym together I had been a member of two gyms previously. However, I had only stepped foot in each of those gyms a handful of times. I had never attended a drop in class of yoga or bootcamp. I ignored my friends invitations to pop-up yoga […]

Week 24: Stuffed Peppers

Happy Friday friends! I’ve shared some pretty easy recipes for the 52 Weeks of Crockpot Recipes challenge, but this may be the easiest. Mark my words.  All you do is make your favorite taco stuffing- mine is ground beef, corn, black beans, rice, and tomatoes/salsa and cut up a pepper. Literally that is it!  This […]

Going Home

Take a second and think about what a hug feels like. What is REALLY feels like. When someone comes towards you, arms open wide, welcoming you into their safe space and finally, wraps their arms around you. You’re surrounded by love, a sense of peace washes over you and you can breathe a sigh of […]

Week 23: Garlic Parmesan Potato Wedges

  This recipe is super simple and a fun one to make for a night of outdoor grilling or when you’re looking for some comfort food. I’ve made this a few times but never felt that it was photogenic enough to feature on the blog! This particular time of making the potatoes, Chris and I […]

Summer ’17 Bucket List

Summer 2017 is so close I can taste it! With temps in the 80’s this weekend and more sunshine than we had in the entire month of June, I’m going to go ahead and just say summer is here. I always make a summer bucket list to keep track of all the fun things I […]

May Recap!

I’m so glad May is over and sad at the same time! It was the busiest month for me work wise so I’m glad that it’s behind me but also so sad that summer is going by so quickly! This was our first month of being engaged and it was awesome!  Family Happenings Chris and […]

Loving Lately: Summer Products

While summer isn’t technically here yet, I’m enjoying the sunshine that FINALLY made it’s way to us this past week and soaking up some Vitamin D. It really does wonders for my mood!    As the newest season approaches quickly, I’m reminded that there is a completely different line-up of products needed for the warm days […]