May Recap!

monthly recap

I’m so glad May is over and sad at the same time! It was the busiest month for me work wise so I’m glad that it’s behind me but also so sad that summer is going by so quickly!

This was our first month of being engaged and it was awesome! 

Family Happenings

Chris and I hosted our parents at our house for Mothers Day! We all enjoyed homemade brunch consisting of a waffle bar, eggs, bacon, fresh fruit and mimosas. It was so nice to spend time with both sets of parents simultaneously and celebrate the Mama’s that we love so so much! 


I was able to visit with my twin cousins (and one fiance) and my Uncle and his fiance as well! We all got together the weekend after Chris proposed to celebrate and spend time together. In the group there are three engaged couples and one of them is getting married this November! We are so excited!


Mom and Dad were nominated as two of Delaware’s Top Nurses by Delaware Today Magazine and I was lucky enough to attend the awards banquet with them. It was so special to be there for the second time since my Dad has been nominated previously! 


Wedding Happenings

We celebrated one month of being engaged and I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by! Sadly, I spent the whole month without my engagement ring. We took it in to be resized and they actually had to send it to California to be completely remade. The estimated time to do so was 4-6 weeks and we just picked it up on Saturday!


WE BOOKED A VENUE AND A DATE! I can’t wait to tell you more, but that’s all I’m saying for now. 

Also I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be guest posting on Baltimore Brides blog starting in June! I’ve been following their blog since I moved to Baltimore and I can’t believe my words will be floating across the website! You can read the first post HERE

Work Happenings

This month consisted of launching two event series’- Harbor Market and Waterfront Wellness. It was the month of planning, planning, planning and then canceling! I had two Friday events in a row that were canceled the day before and day of due to storms and then when the third event actually happened I was shocked! We did experience a torrential downpour during set-up of the third event though and it stormed immediately after! 



This month was filled with time spent with our friends. We went to Brew at the Zoo, had date nights, cooked for each other and enjoyed the warm weather. It was exactly what I needed to go into a busy season, a little extra time with the people we love! 

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  • Jen

    yay for having a date and booking a venue!!! So many exciting things. :)

  • Katie Ervin

    May was seriously amazing! Can’t wait for more good times and wedding planning with you, boo!!! #GBC

  • Lauren

    What a great month! I can’t WAIT to hear what you have planned for the wedding!