Fitness Update: The Fear of Failure



Before Chris and I started going to the gym together I had been a member of two gyms previously. However, I had only stepped foot in each of those gyms a handful of times. I had never attended a drop in class of yoga or bootcamp. I ignored my friends invitations to pop-up yoga classes in the park. I had produced a series of fitness events, but hadn’t actually worked out at them myself! I had successfully avoided fitness classes for years but why?

Because I was afraid of taking the class/working out at the gym/running in the park and failing. I was afraid of not being able to go as fast, or hard, or as far as everyone else and that I would embarrass myself. 

After going to the gym this year and taking classes where there is a wide range of beginners and experienced individuals, I’ve learned that everyone needs to run their own race. Every journey has a beginning and no one is expecting you to be a professional on day one. 

Three months ago I could only leg press 40 pounds, today I can leg press 90 pounds! I had to start somewhere to get where I am today and three months from now I’ll be even further in my fitness journey. 

My biggest piece of advice is to not be afraid. Or if you are afraid, it just means you’re pushing yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone, go with that feeling! Don’t back down because you’ll 100% regret it if you don’t start the journey. 

Today, I love going to the gym and working out with our trainer. I’m looking into drop-in classes in Baltimore at Beachfit and at Inline. Both are local studios I’ve been interested in testing out classes at but have never had the courage. 

If you’re on the fence, join me! Let’s do it together! 

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  • Jen

    Way to go! You are rocking this journey!