Wedding Wednesday: Wedding FAQ


You guys. Tomorrow marks two months of being engaged!

We are engaged….. I have a Fiance….

It’s still so crazy!

We haven’t done a ton of planning since it’s my busiest season at work, Chris has been slammed with his work, and we have time before we need to start checking things off of the list. 

But… I have gotten some questions so I figured I would address some of them here! 

When is the wedding?

We are getting married in September 2018. 

Are you ok with having a 15 month engagement?

YES! We both wanted a Fall wedding and this Fall is already filled with some really fun things and was too soon to get everything planned. We are both happy that we have time to plan at our own pace.

What have you done so far?

We have booked our venue and our photographer. I’ve asked some of my Bridesmaids to stand with me on our wedding day and Chris has started asking his Groomsmen. I can’t wait to share these details with you all!

Do you think it’ll be easier to plan since you plan events for a living?

Yes and no. I think because I have experience working with vendors and understand event basics it will be easier for me. However, I don’t do a lot with fine details so I know that part will be more challenging. I don’t know ANYTHING about flowers and color schemes so I know that part won’t come easy to me, but I’m excited for the challenge and to learn!

How often are you posting on Baltimore Bride?

I will share one blog post each month leading up to our engagement and then at least one blog post after our wedding to recap what happened on our wedding day! I’d love to do a few posts after our wedding to highlight lessons learned and the wedding itself, but we will see! 

Will you be sharing the same blog posts on here as you are on Baltimore Bride?

Nope! Some themes might be similar, but I’m planning on sharing different posts on both. I may link back to the Baltimore Bride blog in a post, but won’t copy and paste the HTML code, that’s for sure! 

What’s next on the Wedding Planning To Do List?

EVERYTHING! But, the next few items on the list that I want to cross off are finding my dress, researching caterers for the food, and finalizing our color scheme for the wedding. 

We are excited for the journey ahead of us and I hope you’ll follow along on the blog and on Baltimore Bride’s Hitched Blog.  

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  • Annie

    AHHHH. I LOVE THIS. Everyone in my life knows you’re getting married because I talk about it non-stop because I AM SO EXCITED. You two are the best <3

  • Jen

    Yay!!! I think it’s great that you’re taking the time to plan! :)

  • Lauren

    This is so so exciting! And I know what you mean about fall weddings–they really are amazing!