Cannoli Pupperoni

Sorry for the radio silence on the blog last week friends! You may have also noticed that my Instagram and InstaStories have been lacking content as well. It’s pretty hard to post on social media about your day when it’s not something you’re willing to share just yet… 


This little guy came to live with us on Saturday and technically we hadn’t adopted him yet. Through the organization, Wings of Love Kuwait, we were on a two week trial so nothing was finalized or set in stone yet. We signed the paperwork on Friday and Cannoli officially became our puppy! 


You have questions I’m sure! Why did we get a dog? What kind of dog is he? Where did we adopt him from? Does he get along with Mar? 

I promise I will answer all of the questions and share more information about Wings of Love Kuwait which is the organization who rescued him from the desert and made it possible for us to bring him home.  

But for now, I’ll leave you with another adorable photo of Cannoli! I made him an Instagram account (no one is surprised I’m sure). You can find him HERE.  


Chris and I have off today and tomorrow and plan to spend the days snuggling that adorable puppy! Happy 4th everyone!

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  • Lauren

    I am already totally obsessed with Cannoli’s instagram account!! Congrats on the new addition to your family!

  • Annie

    AHHHH! HE IS SO CUTE! I am so in LOVE! <3