Country Pup Cannoli


Chris and I went to my childhood home over the weekend and took Cannoli with us! Marley had spent the week with us in Baltimore so we loaded both pups in the car and started the two hour drive to Delaware. Unfortunately, with beach traffic and 4th of July traffic, our two hour drive turned into nearly four hours. 

FINALLY we got to DE and after some introductions between Gram and Pops and Cannoli, we got in the pool. One of the many things I love about going home in the summertime is the pool. The water was perfect and we floated for a bit before drying off and heading in town to run some errands. 

We enjoyed burgers on the grill with fresh corn on the cob and homemade pretzel salad for dinner. Ya’ll, this is what my country dreams are made of. Literally the PERFECT meal. We were planning to get back in the pool but a storm rolled thru so we sat in the gazebo drinking sangria and talking. 


The next morning we enjoyed a breakfast of chocolate croissants, bacon and eggs and yummy coffee before heading back to Baltimore. While the trip was short, it was a spontaneous decision to go home and a much needed relaxing afternoon. I’ve said it before but the magic at the Laurel house recharges me every single time. 


Cannoli liked being a country pup for the weekend but he’s definitely a city boy at heart. Until next time..


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  • Annie

    OH EM GEE. He is SO CUTE! I am so happy you get to go home so often and I completely agree that being away from the city completely recharges you. B and I often go for a drive in the country on Sunday’s after church and it feels like such a special little way to recharge before the week ahead!