Patterson Park’s Hidden Gems


Patterson Park is hands down one of my favorite places in Baltimore. It is one of Baltimore’s largest parks and is located near the Butcher’s Hill, Canton, and Highlandtown neighborhoods. It has been nicknamed, “Best Backyard in Baltimore” which is incredibly appropriate in my opinion since it happens to be my backyard! Whether it’s Fall and the leaves are turning vibrant shades of reds and orange, Spring and the trees are blooming or Winter when a light dusting of snow has fallen, the park is stunning at all times of the year.  

It is also one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city because of its size and is a frequently used resource for many Baltimore residents. At Patterson Park there are numerous athletic fields, an indoor arena, a Pagoda, a pond, rentable pavilions, a swimming pool, walking paths and dog parks. It’s also home to a few annual events and serves as the venue for new events each year.  

When I first moved to Baltimore I knew of the park and had driven by, but it wasn’t until I moved into the area and really started utilizing the park that I realized how incredible it is.  

Fishing Pond 

The pond sits at the southern edge of the park and can be filled with ducks and fish during the warmer months. There is a small path that winds around the back of the pond and is partially hidden by plants and trees. The view from the secret path is stunning and I always make my way around the pond when I’m in the park. 


Patterson Pagoda 

This is my FAVORITE part of Patterson Park. The Pagoda was designed in 1890 by Charles H. Labtrobe and was originally called the Observation Tower. The Pagoda was closed for many years and with the help of the Friends of Patterson Park it reopened in 2002 and is open for visitors to tour (on select days and times). 


Free Library  

These tiny free libraries are scattered throughout the city and SO CUTE. This one was hidden behind a big tree and I love the artwork on it. 


Sledding Hills 

The hills of Patterson Park are the best hills around for sledding! For Christmas this past year I was gifted a sled and every time there was a hint of snow I had it ready to go…and we got barely any snow. I’m hopeful I’ll get to break in the sled this year! 


Anyone who is within walking distance of this sprawling park space is lucky to have Patterson Park as their backyard!



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  • Jen

    I love the free libraries, I’ve seen them around Kansas. It’s such a great idea.