Bye June Hello July


Happy July friends! June went by quickly and was really busy with work so I’m looking forward to this month and the fun things we have planned. But before I can dig into a relaxing and fun July, I need to recap June!

Family Happenings

I was able to see my parents a lot this month between visits home and meeting them to hand off Marley :) We had more time with Mar this month too which was really nice! 

My brother also came to visit for a week from Atlanta and it was really good to see him and catch up! Also, my cousins came up from Charlotte for a wedding and we were able to spend time with them. 

Friends Happenings

I was lucky enough to celebrate two good friends and their upcoming weddings by attending their bridal showers. My friend Alyssa is getting married in September in Baltimore and my co-worker/friend Lauren is getting married in Charleston in October. Both are people that I’m so glad to have in my life and was so honored and appreciative that they invited me to attend their bridal showers. 

Work Happenings

Since most of my events were canceled due to rain in May it felt SO GOOD to finally put on a successful event. I produced our first Yappy Hour ever and our first Summer Social for this season. Both were successful and I was super happy with them! 

Wedding Happenings

Chris asked all of his groomsmen and I asked all of my bridesmaids and they all said yes! We have an incredible group of people sharing in our special day with us and can’t wait to share this experience with them as well. I have a post coming to the Baltimore Bride this month with details on how I asked them, I’ll share it on here as well!

If you missed my June Baltimore Bride post you can check it out HERE

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  • Annie

    AHH! What a GOOD month! I love how you organized this post and I am so excited that you got some time to relax and some success at work! Oh, and I, of course, love the bit about the bridesmaids (; <3

  • Jen

    Such a great month. I’m so glad you were able to see your family a lot! That’s so nice.