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I am so thankful to live in a city where I can surround myself with creative individuals. I feel like they help me to be more creative and inspire me along the way. The Charm City Creatives series was built from my love for the creative people in my life and the need to share them with all of you!

I’m so so so excited to share someone today who is not only a creative in Baltimore, but also a dear friend of mine! Peter Machen is the artist and owner of Machen Art. He happens to be one of my Fiance’s best friends and in turn has become a great friend of mine as well. 

Pete is an incredibly talented metal sculptor and is making a name for himself in Baltimore. He found his passion for metalwork around 2005 when he interned with Baltimore local, David Hess. David helped Pete develop his art form and grow as an artist. After six weeks the internship was over, but both Pete and David saw that something had been sparked and David offered Pete a summer job. After working almost every day that summer, Pete moved to Colorado and took a break from metalwork until he moved back a few years ago and picked up where he left off. 

When Pete returned to Charm City he created Machen Art and has been working on his own creating custom pieces for clients as well as making pieces that he’s dreamt up. The process is incredibly interesting to me so I wanted to better understand how he comes up with his designs. 


Pete explained that sometimes he gets a blurry image in his mind and starts to sketch it. He only sketches as the elements become more sharp. If things are still blurry he puts down the sketchbook and works on something else. Sometimes it takes up to a year before the idea is fully in focus and he can begin to create the piece, sometimes it clicks immediately. 

He finds inspiration in nature, especially wildlife and floral themes. One of my all time favorite pieces that Pete has made is a deer head that was a gift for his Dad. The detail is so intricate and every inch of it is stunning. That’s one of my favorite things about Pete’s work- you can look at a piece and know he made it. The brand that is Machen Art is strong, recognizable and unique. No other metal work looks like his.


Pete said the best part of owning his own business and doing this every day is just that. He is doing what he loves every. single. day. He is the driving force behind the company, no one else. Pete loves what he does and is passionate about his work- that’s already more than most people can say about their jobs. Fun Fact: If he wasn’t an artist, Pete would be a Park Ranger. 


So what’s his favorite piece that he’s EVER made? The Phoenix that he will be showcasing at Artscape! Speaking of Artscape- Pete will have a booth set-up and will be selling his pieces! He applied for the Emerging Artist Scholarship to have a booth space at Artscape and was selected along with four other artists out of over 300 submissions!

Make sure you stop by his booth on July 21-23rd and pick up a key hook, wine holder, sculpture, furniture or chat with him about a custom piece! 

Pete can be found online at @MachenArt on Instagram and Facebook




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  • Jen

    I am absolutely impressed! His work is incredible.

  • Annie

    Love it! Pete is such a nice guy and his work is so incredible. I am so in love with that picture frame and I can’t wait to see him at Artscape!