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Today marks two years planning and producing events in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore for Waterfront Partnership. You can read my one year recap HERE

Time has flown by and it’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since I started with this amazing organization. It’s not always easy but the hard days are few and far between and that makes it a lot easier to love my job. 

This past year in particular has been a tremendous learning process and I experienced a lot of growth on the job. I took over tasks when we went six months without a position filled while still maintaining my current workload and attempting to grow my events in the process. It was incredibly stressful, but I proved to myself that I could do it and am capable of doing more than I ever imagined. 

Since January, Chris and I have been watching Parks & Rec which I had never seen before (I know, insane) and it’s so funny to see the similarities between Leslie Knope’s job and mine. To celebrate my work anniversary I figured a comparison post would be hilarious. 

Pawnee’s Harvest Festival vs. WPB Harbor Harvest

Leslie has to plan a large Harvest Festival to save the Parks Department. This is wildly similar to the Harbor Harvest festival that we produce each year at the waterfront in October. Watching Leslie run around delegating where the pony rides would be and the petting zoo looked awfully familiar!


Making magic happen with a small budget

Leslie worked for the city and I don’t but non-profits and city agencies both operate on small budgets. There is no money tree growing for either of our organizations! A lot can be done with a bunch of balloons and some strategically placed cotton candy stations. 


Lil’ Sebastien is one of the best parts of Rec & Parks, especially when Ben FINALLY gets it and sheds a tear for the pony. My organization has a trash collecting machine called Mr.Trash Wheel that serves as a “mascot” for us and evokes reaction from people that is unlike any other. 


Children’s Bands

Anyone remember Freddy Spaghetti? Leslie secured the children’s musician for the Harvest Festival and we have the children’s band, Milkshake, coming to our Harbor Harvest this coming Fall. I never thought when I took this job that I’d be excited about a band named after a food item.

Developing a Park

The lot behind Anne’s house kicks off the show and we see Leslie lead the efforts in designing a park for the empty space. Waterfront Partnership is currently redesigning Rash Field and making it more functional for the people of Baltimore. Same thing right? 


 Regardless of whether I’m researching children’s crafts that don’t involve glue, paint, scissors or markers or figuring out how to get 2,000 pumpkins into a small city park it’s always an adventure! I’m down for the ride. Here’s to another 365 days producing events in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor!


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  • Lauren

    Happy work-versary to our very own Megan Knope!

  • Macy Volpe

    I have never watched Parks & Rec but it’s on my list! It sounds hilarious and it’s crazy how similar your life is!

  • Jen

    I love Parks and Rec, it’s such an awesome show! Such a great post.

  • Annie

    I love this SO MUCH! Parks and Rec is one of my favorite shows and I always think of you while watching it! Now, tell me…who’s the Jerry of the office? (;