Girls Adventure Day

My Mom and I have a close relationship and always have. We talk on the phone everyday at 4pm, we text each other at the same time at least once a week, and we travel really well together. We started a travel tradition a few years back and would go on a trip each Spring together. We’ve been to NYC more times than I can count and also explored London and Paris together. This year was the first we weren’t able to find time to make the trip a reality so we picked a weekend this summer for a Girls Adventure Day.

That day was this past Saturday and we asked my future Mother-in-Law to join us on a girls day in Baltimore! Since my Mom has really only spent time in Baltimore City I decided to branch out and introduce her to Hampden. It’s only about 10 minutes outside of our normal path but is so different than what she associates with Charm City.

The colorful and quirky neighborhood quickly captured her heart and she is learning why I love my new home SO MUCH.

We all piled into my car and set off to Hampden by way of Roland Park so Mama could see all of the beautiful old homes. We each picked our favorites along the drive hoping to win the lottery and move in some day!

Once we arrived in Hampden we grabbed street parking with ease and set off on foot to check out the little shops. We visited antique stores, pottery studios, and dog stores all while snapping photos of ourselves and murals along the way.



After wandering for a few hours we needed to take a break to rest our tired feet and refuel. One of my favorite restaurants in Hampden is Five and Dime and is a recent find of mine. But since discovering this gem only a few months ago I’ve returned three times, each better than the previous time. On this particular day my sandwich came out with the cheese still on it and they went above and beyond to remedy the mistake. The customer service at Five and Dime is unlike anything I’ve experienced in Baltimore thus far and was definitely noted for future visits!


Since the following day was #NationalIceCreamDay and were already in Hampden we stopped by my all time favorite, The Charmery. Both Mama’s enjoyed a cup of delicious ice cream while I people watched and snuck little bites. 

It was getting late and we’d had a busy day so we said our goodbyes to Hampden and headed back home for a nap and snuggle with the pups before the rest of the busy weekend continued.


I’m so thankful that my parents live close by and we can get together frequently. Although we didn’t make it out of the state, we still had a great day and it made my heart happy to continue our tradition!


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  • Macy Volpe

    It sounds like the three of you had a great time!! It’s always fun to take others to places they have never been.

  • Jen

    What a great time!!! It’s so nice to have such a close relationship like that.

  • Lauren

    The Charmery is SOOO good! I’m so glad that you had a fun day with your mamas!