Charm City Creatives- Cream Cruiser


Double chocolate and mint chip, oatmeal raisin and toasted coconut, or double chocolate and peanut butter? Which would YOU choose? It’s a tough question to answer when you’re standing in front of the Cream Cruiser bike trying to decide on just ONE flavor.

That’s how I felt the first time I experienced the wonderful treat of Cream Cruiser sammies. Don’t forget I’m lactose intolerant so I really had to make the right choice since I was taking a risk. Double chocolate and peanut butter always wins.


For this months Charm City Creatives feature I’m highlighting Katherine O’Brien owner of Cream Cruiser, Baltimore’s only ice cream cart.

Katherine started Cream Cruiser in 2014 as a fun hobby. She was crafting ice cream sammies for friends and family and experimenting with unique flavor combinations as well. She realized that she could probably make some extra money off of them and started researching fun and easy ways to sell the treats. She came across a company that made custom food bikes and decided to give it a go! After many months of extensive research on Baltimore City regulations, perfecting her ice cream sammie recipes and building the bike she hit the streets in May of 2015!

But this isn’t Katherine’s only full time job! She works 40 hours a week as the Marketing Manager of Brand & Strategy for Charm City Concierge. (This girl love’s her C alliterations!) Katherine mentioned that she has learned a lot from CCC and has carried that knowledge over into her own business. It helps to have a badass boss to help guide her in the business world!


Today, Katherine has found her four core flavors that customers love and always come back for but I HAD to ask what her dream flavor would be if she could make anything. She reminisced on the early days when she was selling the sammies at the Fells Point Farmers Market and created breakfast inspired flavors like lemon cookies with vanilla ice cream rolled in Fruity Pebbles and double chocolate cookies with vanilla ice cream rolled in bacon bits. We have our fingers and toes crossed that at least one of those flavors comes back soon!

But what is her favorite part of owning her own business?

My favorite part is meeting our customers and sharing the Cream Cruiser story. I never get sick of answering questions about the bike, sharing stories of how we got started, and watching people’s reactions to the product. We are starting at a new farmers market in a brand new neighborhood where people are probably not going to be familiar with the business. It’s like day one all over again and it’s hard to not get nervous. But there is something about the energy and excitement that I get from our customers that makes me so happy.

Katherine’s love and energy for her business is contagious and you can’t help but want to talk to her about it! If you are interested in sampling Cream Cruiser sammies for yourself head to The Handlebar Café or check out CC on social media to see where the bike is!

Who knows- someday there may be little Cream Cruiser bikes pedaling in cities all over the country!


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  • Jen

    Oh good gracious! I need this is my life! What a fun job that would be peddling ice cream all over the place.

    • Megan

      Right?! Everyone gets so excited when they see the Cream Cruiser pulling up at an event!