Stage Mom Status

Ya’ll, I need to add the title of Mom-ager to my resume now. Cannoli made his tv debut last week! How crazy is that?!

^^ Ignore my mid-sentence face!

I do short interviews with our local news station to promote our upcoming events and the interview for Yappy Hour was last week! Since things move quickly in the tv world and I didn’t have time to get props for our other vendors, I asked if Cannoli could be my “visual” and they said YES!

So on Thursday morning Cannoli and I hopped in the car and drove to the Fox 45 station to chat about Yappy Hour. From the moment we walked into the studio until we left he was on his best behavior and only got antsy once in the waiting room, but this smart Mama brought treats and he snapped back into good puppy mode quickly.

I thought they’d have me hold him or have him sit by my side while we stood and talked so I was caught off guard when there were chairs waiting for us. Luckily something distracted him off set the entire time we were live so while he didn’t look directly at the camera he also barely moved the whole time ha!



He did the BEST job and he knew it! He walked out of the studio with his chest out and a little extra pep in his step.


Excuse me while I go back to my role as Mom-ager.

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  • Jen

    Oh my gosh!!! I love this so much! He is a natural. :)