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Week 30: Baked Potatoes

Ok friends- this may be the simplest but BEST thing I’ve tried in the crockpot yet.  BAKED POTATOES. I love baked potatoes but can never get them quite right. It takes so long to bake them and it never fails, I’ll hit spots that aren’t cooked all the way through… so frustrating! Chris and I […]

Baltimore Farmers Market Takeover

I love a good Instagram takeover but I’ve never done one myself! Well besides @thebaltimorebaton but since I created the account that doesn’t count. I love takeovers because you never know what you’re going to get.  Followers are treated to a new perspective and personalized posts from someone they’ve never met. So when Baltimore Office […]

Baked Caramel Apples

Happy first week of Fall everyone! I went to the Farmers Market this weekend and stocked up on gourds, pumpkins and some Fall inspired flowers. I also have stocked our new pumpkin candy dish with candy corn and sometimes lift the lid just to smell them… is that weird? The smell of candy corn is […]

News for the Newbies

I find it hard to watch and learn from the news.  I mean I can and I do, but I find that I don’t retain information when I’m watching two hours straight of news stations.  Over time I’ve learned that there are a few particular outlets that I gravitate towards for information. Most of them I […]

Week 29: Red Beans and Rice

When Chris and I went to New Orleans last year we were surrounded by red beans and rice with sausage at every restaurant we went to. Chris ordered it a couple times and I snuck small bites here and there. I didn’t grow up eating sausage so it wasn’t until recently that I decided I […]

When You Know

“But how do you know?” I was standing in the kitchen with my mom crying that I hated the dating world.  How on earth could “when you know, you know” be the advice that my Mom had just given me. She is always the smartest person in my life giving spot on advice and while […]

3 Events Before Noon

September 16th has been on my calendar for a few months as “the really busy day in September”. It’s very rare that I have more than one event in a single day. In fact, this is only the second day in over two years that it’s happened but this is the first year that I […]

Dinner Under the Stars

As we rounded the corner I felt like Lorelai Gilmore walking through Stars Hollow. There were tables set up spanning the width of the street for as far as I could see. Cafe lights were strung overhead and glittered as the sun set the sky on fire with deep oranges and yellows. Jazz music wafted […]

Creamy Pumpkin Dip

It’s almost Fall ya’ll and that means cinnamon and pumpkin flavors will be coming out of my kitchen on a weekly basis! I tried to resist but I already have a few recipes lined up ready to make and share with you over the next few weeks!  This one is my all time favorite and something […]

2017 Fall Bucket List

Fall doesn’t officially begin until September 22nd but the cool crisp air has arrived in Baltimore and the leaves are slowly changing into hues of red and orange. I LOVE it! This is by far my favorite time of the year. From now until January I’m a happy happy girl but Fall the next few […]