That’s how I feel right now. Violated. 

Last week I started my 10 day vacation from my job. Chris and I had a great Saturday with friends and then went to the Ravens game. After we got home that evening, as we were sleeping multiple people broke into our home and stole most of our valuable possessions on the first level. They came upstairs and as they came close to our bedroom door Cannoli heard them and barked to warn us. 

I’ve had nightmares of this happening. I’m sure anyone who lives in Baltimore City and reads the neighborhood pages or watches the news has had the same nightmare. 

Sunday at 2am was an exact copy of that nightmare. The screaming. The crying. The devastation. But most of all, the feeling of being violated in my own home. The feeling that made and still makes my skin crawl when thinking about a stranger walking around my house while I slept soundly upstairs. 

It’s taken the better part of a week for our lives to start to feel normal again. We didn’t sleep for days because every time we closed our eyes we heard a sound, a footstep, a door opening when none of the sounds were really there. I feared being alone and especially feared night time.

At the end of the day, we are ok and that’s what really matters. Stuff is stuff and while most of the things stolen can be replaced, I am so incredibly thankful for the safety of my little family. Things could have gone in a different direction and we are lucky that it didn’t.

We are hurting right now and so is our beloved city. Keep Baltimore and my family in your prayers please. 


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  • Emelia @ Dream Big & Buy the S

    I’m SO sorry to hear this happened to you. What an awful thing. While it’s not fun that your things were stolen, I’m so glad your family, including your pup are safe. Sending love and positivity!

  • Jen

    I am SO sorry that this happened to you. No one should ever feel this way in their own home.