Baltimore Farmers Market Takeover

I love a good Instagram takeover but I’ve never done one myself! Well besides @thebaltimorebaton but since I created the account that doesn’t count.

I love takeovers because you never know what you’re going to get.  Followers are treated to a new perspective and personalized posts from someone they’ve never met.

So when Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts asked me to take over their IG account and share my morning at the Baltimore’s Farmers Market I was thrilled! I felt so incredibly special to be asked and still am honored to be one of a handful of Baltimore influencers to have done a takeover!

I took over this past Sunday and it was the perfect day to do so because Mama was in town! We had a family bridal shower for my cousin-to-be the night before and she wasn’t going to drive back late Saturday so she slept over and we got up early to hit the market.

Something to note- I grew up in rural Delaware where farm stands sit on the road every two or three houses. We are used to walking into the back yard to grab a watermelon or a handful of peppers or even a half dozen corn. The Baltimore City farmers market was unlike any she was used to and it was really really cool to see it from her perspective.


 IMG_7390 2 

We arrived! The Farmers Market runs every Sunday from 7am-12pm from April to December. I knew I wanted to get there early because the later it gets the more crowded it gets! Mama and I are not a fan of crowds so we had no problem waking up early!

We spent the first half hour browsing all the stalls. I wanted to make a fall recipe but hadn’t decided on what exactly- it would depend on what goodies the vendors had. Since it was the first Sunday of Fall we were shocked to see corn and watermelon and had to fight the urge for one last taste.

 IMG_3183 2 IMG_3278 2 IMG_7011 2 


After a quick walk through we decided a new apple recipe would be fun to test since there was an abundance of apples available for purchase.

 IMG_9552 2 IMG_1051 2

8:30 am

An hour after we arrived I had already picked out flowers in deep Fall shades of maroon and orange, a dozen second chance apples (no discrimination here) and two gourds + one white pumpkin to decorate my home.

 IMG_9232 2

Besides the Fall treats we had fun checking out and purchasing we also checked out a venus fly trap, had a few samples of apple cider, picked up some bread and a Dangerously Delicious pie and shopped the bazaar! 

It was a really fun experience to share in a Sunday at the Baltimore’s Farmers Market with my Mama and see how in awe she was that this urban parking lot was alive and buzzing over various types of mushrooms and Zeke’s coffee. 

Thank you BOPA for asking me to take over your IG account and to everyone who followed along! 

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  • Jen

    I love Farmers Markets!! They are so much fun and there is always something interesting to be found.