Bye September, Hello October

monthly recap

You guys. We are headed into my absolute favorite time of the year so get ready for some very seasonal and themed blog posts oozing with Fall goodness and then slowly creeping into the holiday fun that November and December bring. I am so so happy that this time of year is upon us. However, that makes my recap posts a little more sad! Another month of fun with family and friends has come to an end. 

September was good. After a really bad August we were in desperate need of some positive and fun things in our life. While there are still some kinks that need to be worked out we are enjoying Fall and soaking up as much time outside as possible!


We started the month with a quick visit home to see my parents over Labor Day Weekend. I had planned to spend a few days with them the week prior but because of the break-in that visit was postponed to the following weekend. We did dinner and a movie and saw Dunkirk at the old theater near my hometown. My movie lovin’ man was in his element and my war movie lovin’ Daddy was thrilled as well. It was a great night with my family. 


I have a surprise up my sleeves and I’m hoping to share more soon but I did a styled shoot with Naomi from Urban Row Photography and not only received some of the most beautiful photos of myself that I’ve ever seen but made a new friend from our short time together. 


Chris and I went to see IT and visited another old theater that I hadn’t been to yet, The Senator. I LOVED the movie and suggest everyone should rent it when it comes out!


Our friend Chad has his own coffee roasting business Charm City Coffee Roasters (impressive enough!) but he did a collaboration with Monument City Brewing and they made a coffee infused beer together! His Fiance is one of my co-workers and good friends and she casually mentioned the beer release in passing at lunch one day. I FREAKED out and we had it on the calendar immediately. We were so so proud of him and the beer was delicious. Go Chad!


Macy, Laura and I got together this month and enjoyed Dinner Under the Stars in Annapolis. We swore that we’d come back to Annapolis soon and make sure Annie can come with us! Read my recap of the night HERE


One of the event series’ that I produce is Harbor Market- a pop up lunch market in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. We teamed up with the Baltimore Ravens this year and hosted one of their pep rallies at the market. It was really nice to work with them again this year and it was such a fun day at the market!


Chris and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on 9/22. We had reservations at a new really nice italian restaurant but he came home sick with an icky cold so we pushed our reservation to the next week and got an even better night to enjoy eating outside! 


My cousin and his Fiance are getting married the first weekend in November and I’m a bridesmaid! We celebrated Rachel with a 90’s themed bridal shower and I loved the slap bracelets and packets of nerds! *peek those chunky glitter jellies that I’ve had for like 5 years! 

IMG_5138 3

I really enjoyed taking over Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts’ IG account and you can read the full recap HERE


You guys. Cannoli was chosen to play Draco Malfoy in a Harry Pawter dog photo shoot. The photos will be out in our local dog magazine sometime this year and I’m still waiting to see the images but here’s a photo I took of him before we left in his scarf. I promise to share the photos as soon as I get them but in the meantime I’m wearing my #Momager hat proudly!


I took a mental health day last week and it was EXACTLY what I needed. Last week was tough for me for a few reasons and I needed 8 hours of no work to do all of the things that bring me joy. I went for a run (actually running doesn’t bring me joy but the feeling afterwards does!), a mani/pedi, blogging, catching up on tv shows and snuggling the pup. It was perfect.


Our friends Alyssa and Cody got married on Saturday at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. It was a beautiful wedding with a stunning backdrop of the Domino Sugar Factory. 

How was your September?

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  • Jen

    I can’t believe it’s already October! I swear this year just started!

    • Megan

      SAME. How?!?!?

  • gail

    I’m exhausted just reading everything you did in one short month! Can’t wait to see you again in November!

    • Megan

      Yes! Just a few short weeks!

  • Naomi Susman Cataldo

    I love this recap!! This September may be over, but that just means the NEXT time September comes around, it’s going to be your BEST YET! :) :) :) Ooooh, your first time at the Senator?! Isn’t it a fun spot? If you didn’t try Clark Burger yet, go there next time – it’s so yummy!!

    • Megan

      We were JUST talking about! I can stop saying “next September” and just say September now! So exciting! Clark Burger was soooo busy the night we were there so I’m hoping to try it next time!

      • Naomi Susman Cataldo

        It’s seriously SO good! Their fry dipping sauces make my life complete.