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It’s been a month or so since I shared a new post in the Charm City Creatives series and I’m back with a good one today! Dana Sicko, founder of Gundalow Gourmet is one of the sweetest ladies I’ve had the chance to meet since being in Baltimore as well as a badass business owner so I HAD to interview her for the series! 

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Dana is the owner of Gundalow Gourmet, a personal chef and boutique catering business, and Gundalow Juice, a pure fruit and vegetable juice company.  She knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur from a young age like her parents who own their own business and was always creating business ventures as a child. Among the many ventures was a women’s accessories company that Dana and her mother, Lisa started when she was in high school called Pina Colada Co. Uhm can we please bring this back?!

But how did the jump happen from women’s accessories to food and juice?

Dana went to the University of New Hampshire where she studied Nutritional Sciences, Didactic Program in Dietetics. She was working as a nutrition consultant at FX Studios when she realized that her clients had the knowledge to be healthy but lacked the time. Gundalow Gourmet was created from a need that she saw in her clients and flourished! She noted:

I started Gundalow Gourmet in 2010 when the market still wasn’t great and I noticed that a lot of people were working more, but making the same amount, and their health was suffering.  I started off in a few clients homes cooking and making healthier versions of their favorite foods and they saw results.  I loved what I was doing and I loved that I was making my clients happier, healthier and simplifying their lives.


From there, Gundalow Juice was created from another need of her clients. They were asking for cold pressed juices so Dana tested her hand at making juices and realized they were really good!

The slogan Simplify Life in the Most Beautiful Way is so true. The juices are simple but delicious, healthy and the design is sleek and attractive. I personally LOVE Gundalow Juice- so much so that I was sampling it at Whole Foods Market last Winter!


Dana currently employs 12 staff members and has been her own boss for six years!

If she wasn’t slinging juice and cooking up delicious meals she’d be on Broadway or would be a wine label designer. I can totally see the wine label designer and now I need to see the Broadway skills at a karaoke night!

In the next five to ten years Dana hopes to expand Gundalow Gourmet into other regions and new markets. But Baltimore will always have her heart, “Baltimore is a community, and it is a small one.  Baltimore has been great to me as I have started both of the businesses.  Baltimore is understanding (there are massive learning curves when starting a business) and wants to see things grow, and we have benefited from that mentality in a very big way.”


We also feel very thankful to have Gundalow Gourmet and Gundalow Juice in Baltimore as well! I can’t imagine not having Watermelon Waves or SS Veggie in my life.

Thanks Dana! If you want more information about Gundalow Gourmet check out their website HERE.

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